The fishfinders are devices used for finding fishes underneath the water. These devices are built up with the sensors that monitor the underneath region of the water and informs them to the users with a display unit. Mostly, all the fish finders are battery-operated devices that can be used with a high capability and functionality.

best 5 gps fish finder combo reviews

These fish finders come with various additional features and innovative technologies such as the chart plotter, GPS, alarms, etc. Such fish finders with multiple technologies are referred as the fish finder GPS combo devices. The GPS combo fishfinders are effective in determining the exact location of fishing. These devices offer high performance and accuracy in fishing.

Best GPS Fish Finder Combo Reviews

Using fishfinders during fishing makes it easy and it also saves time. Even though there are various types of fishfinders, the GPS combo fishfinders are still in use because they are built with various functions and features of the device. The top rated GPS combo finders are listed below.

PictureNameKey FeaturePriceOur Rating
Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish FinderDurable$4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI Fish Finder And GPSUni Map Technology$$4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)
Raymarine Dragonfly-4 Pro Sonar/GPSMulti-Colored Display$$4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)
Lowrance MARK-4 HDI 50/200+455/800 Combo High Sensitive GPS$4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
Furuno GP1670F 5.7" Color GPS Chartplotter/FishfinderEffective$$$4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder

The first best fish finder in the market is the Garmin striker 4 fish finder. The important features and advantages of this device are listed below.


This device is made up of durable material and it has a built-in GPS system with it. The design of this device is rugged and it also has an effective outdoor look. This device can be used for withstanding the harsh outdoor climate effectively and it can also be used both in fresh water and in salt water.

Further, the GPS system used in this device is highly sensitive and so, it can determine the region with high accuracy. This device is also equipped with various other features such as the waypoint map, CHIRP sonar, chart plotting, etc. The waypoint map is effective and this maps marks various locations and these locations are used for finding the path of the boat.

The CHIRP sonar is used for sending a continuous range of frequencies to the user. This device can also be used for creating crisper fish arches for increasing the performance of the fishing. Ice fishing is also possible with this device because it has a flasher unit with it.


This device is durable and can be used for both ocean fishing and freshwater fishing. The GPS system is effective and the chart plotting records all the locations of fishing within the device. This device can also be used for ice fishing also.

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder

Key features: CHIRP sensor, Flasher, and GPS system.

Pros: Durable in any weather condition, easy to use and high-quality.

Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI Fish Finder With Down-Imaging And GPS

The Humminbird fish finder is an advanced fish finder with many innovative technologies and uses. This product has many important features and advantages. Their features and advantages are listed below.


The important feature of this device is the built-in sonar technology. The sonar technology enables easy transmission and reception of the transmitted and received signals of the device. The transducers used within these devices are also effective and they convert the signals effectively without any loss of the signals.

The display of the device is also made of high quality and is made with a variety of colors. With this display, the anglers can even display the type of the fishes beneath the water. Added to this, the display type is dual in nature. With this dual display, the angler can compare the two maps and perform fishing effectively.

The GPS system used within the device is also effective and it also has the chart plotting system with it. It marks the region effectively and stores the recorded information in the storage device. The Humminbird fish finder has a built-in capacity for the storage space and micro SD card is used as a storage device.


This device is operated with the help of the battery and so, it can withstand all the durable conditions and climates effectively. The colored display ensures a high performance in fishing. The GPS sensors are accurate in determining the region. Further, the device is durable and it can be used both in fresh water and salt water fishing.

Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI Fish Finder With Down-Imaging And GPS

Key features: GPS technology, chart plotting, and uni map technology.

Pros: good performance, durable and easy to use.

Raymarine Dragonfly-4 Pro Sonar/GPS With US C-Map Essentials

The best-suited fish finder without internal fogging is the Raymarine fish finder. This fish finder can be used in any angles and the important features and advantages of this device are listed below.


This is an advanced device with CHIRP and down vision technology. The down vision technology is useful for determining the regions and minute things beneath the water. The CHIRP technology is also effective and it transmits a certain range of continuous frequencies from the transmitter to the receiver. With this technology, the accuracy of angling increases and the anglers can catch their favorite fishes easily.

The display used in this device is a multi-colored LCD display, which views the received signals without any loss in the minute details of the device. Added to this, the device has various alarm and indicator signals and these signals, determine the functions of the object. This device is also equipped with an inbuilt sonar technology that is effective and offers better results.

This device also has various switches and controls for zooming, recording, and ON-Off option. It can be used for any kind of fishing in the lakes and ponds. It also has the temperature sensors and the storage devices with it. Further, this is a battery operated device that can be used suitably in all the types and kinds of water conditions.


This is a user-friendly device that can be operated with a high level of performance and functions. The design of this device is unique and it can be used durable in many conditions and circumstances. With the display, the user can read the minute details of the objects easily.

Raymarine Dragonfly-4 Pro Sonar/GPS With US C-Map Essentials

Key features: CHIRP technology, multi-colored display and has many controls.

Pros: used in many environments, HD display and WI-FI mode of operation.

Lowrance MARK-4 HDI 50/200+455/800 Combo Plotter/Fishfinder without Transducer

The Lowrance mark 4 fish finder is a useful device with chart plotter and dual system imager. Various advantages and features of this device are given below.


This is a high-quality device that can be used durably and effectively in various climatic conditions. This device uses sonar technology for transmitting and receiving the image signals. Further, the dual imaging technique is used for determining the minute details of the image. This minute details are effective and it increases the efficiency of the device too.

The display used in this device is a black and white display that can be displayed in variable ways with the help of the gray scale. The dual imaging and sonar technology combines and offers a high resolution and a high clarity image within the system with higher efficiency. This device is also equipped with the GPS antenna and this antenna describes accurate reading with the device.

US maps with 3000 of lakes and 1000 feet of contours are recorded in the GPS system and so, this system is used to locate the angle easily. This device has advanced signal processing and this technique is used for varying the settings automatically according to the needs of the user.


This device has high performance and so the anglers can use this device with a higher level of satisfaction. All the technologies used in this device are effective and this is a user-friendly device too. This device is portable and mounting the device in the boat is also very easy.

Lowrance MARK-4 HDI 50/200+455/800 Combo

Key features: Sonar technology, Dual imaging and built with storage devices.

Pros: high-quality, compact and high sensitive GPS technology.

Furuno GP1670F 5.7″ Color GPS Chartplotter/Fishfinder

Furuno fish finder is an innovative device that is used in the lakes and rivers. The important features and advantages of this device are listed below.


The Furuno has an effective display unit that displays all the minute details beneath the water with high accuracy and function. This device is compatible with many other devices and it also has an inbuilt base map for the effective operation. The imaging technique used in this device is of higher accuracy and it detects and transmits the minute variations beneath the water.

The signals are transmitted and received with the help of the transducers and they perform this function without any loss in the device. This device has inbuilt GPS technology and this GPS determines the exact location of the boat. It also marks all the paths of the anglers and records them with the help of the chart spotting feature.

This device is also interfaced with the storage devices and the storage devices used are of high quality and performance. The battery used in this device is durable and it can be used for a long time without any loss in the device or system. The display offers a 4D view of the user with cartography C map feature.


The beginners prefer this product because the technology used within this device is of high performance and functions. The display is effective and it also has various indicators and alarms for signaling the users about various events. The GPS and the chart plotting system are also advantageous and it offers better results to the user.

Furuno GP1670F 5.7

Key features: GPS technology, Chart plotting, and cartography.

Pros: effective, easy to use and high performance.

Benefits Of GPS Fish Finder

The GPS fish finder is an effective device that takes fishing to the next level. The important benefits of this device are listed below.

Chart Plotting- The chart plotting is a technique used for marking the locations of fishing in a chart. This chart plotting is found in all GPS devices and this chart is stored within the SD card provided within the device. This SD card is removable and it can also be interfaced along with the PC.

Locations-The fish finder saves various locations of fishing within the device and so, the angler can access those locations anywhere at any time. So, with the location details, the angler can go to the same place for angling.

Sensors-The fish finder is equipped with temperature sensors and these sensors detect the temperature of the water and display it to the anglers. The variation in the temperature causes various issues while angling and to avoid this, the temperature sensors are used within the device.

Depth Finder-The depth of the water and the depth of the fishes are constantly displayed on the screen of the fish finder. Hence, the anglers can catch the fish of their wish easily. The depth finder also warns the user whenever the ship is moving into the shallow region from the normal region.

Tips For Using Fish Finder Combos

Follow the tips below for using the fish finder to its fullest.

Zooming-The first tip of using the fish finder combo is the zooming feature. This feature is inbuilt in all the fishfinders and this helps to increase the efficiency of fishing. With this technology, the minute details viewed within the images can be zoomed, so that the angler can catch their deserved fish with higher accuracy and functions.

Contour Lines-The contour lines are used for denoting various variations in the depth of the water. The contour lines determine the shallow region and the deep region to the users. It also determines the depth of the water level and allows the user to keep them safe always. The contour lines are also used for determining various obstacles that lie within the water while fishing.

Wrecks-Wrecks are generally considered to be the regions within which, the concentration of the fishes is high than the other means. The wrecks can be found easily with the help of the GPS and the angler can do fishing in these regions with higher accuracy.

Final Words

The fish finder with GPS combo is highly effective and this device has various advantages. The efficiency and the performance of fishing increase with this device to a great extent. These fish finders are specially designed for the anglers and this can increase the accuracy of fishing.