Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish Finder Review


Are you struggling hard to find the best quality fish finder at an affordable price range? The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish Finder device suits the best for most of the big boats for efficient tracing of the fishes both in marine water and in fresh water. This article mainly highlights the well-defined quality factors and the trustworthy features of the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish Finder device.

raymarine dragonfly 7 fish finder review

The Raymarine Dragonfly is one of the best choices for most of the fishermen because of its high-resolution display with the CHIRP down imaging vision sonar unit. The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish finder unit is enhanced with the display of clear images in an accurate measure. The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish finder device comes with the GPS navigation system to trace out and alert about the worst weather condition and other natural disorders.

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish Finder Review

This Raymarine fish finder is specially designed with the advanced dual sonar channel, which helps to change the settings for improving the wide spectrum range of the CHIRP technology. The main function of this device is to identify the underwater object’s layout and structure by means of the down vision dual sonar channel. This sonar unit helps to target the fish. Further, it can be connected with the Wi-Fi port and smart phone for image visualization through the 50 channel spectrums.

How Does It Work?

This Raymarine fish finder works with the inbuilt dual sonar unit and the temperature sensor induced in the transducer. The Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse technology is used in this fish finder to take the images below the sea water in a high dynamic ranging depth. The dual sonar unit provides the down vision imaging by the impulse emission of different frequencies, to produce the extreme imaging vision in a clear manner.


The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 fish finder works effectively to provide the product differentiation between the fish, plants, and other rock buildups in the deep marine. This traditional type of colored sonar display unit senses the accurate readings such as the temperature ranging, speed of the setup, depth readings, and water density. It constitutes of an external SD card mount for saving and storing the images for future use.

What Are The Key Specs?

The Raymarine fish finder is constructed with a seven-inch LCD display screen unit.  This square shaped fish finder provides a maximum depth of 600 feet for down vision CHIRP sonar unit and 900 feet for the conventional CHIRP sonar unit. The Transom mountable transducer is inbuilt with this fish finder unit to effectively trace out the fish in and around the boats in the deep sea water.

As it is waterproof, it can withstand incoming water and other worst weather conditions. It includes an internal GPS antenna receiver to track the upcoming natural disorders and to efficiently figure out the fishes in the deep water within a fraction of seconds. The color backlit LCD display helps to readout the reading and data even in the dark night for tracing the fishes.

It provides high resolution of 800 x 480 pixel, clear imaging vision. This product comes with three years of warranty and effectively works well in tracing the fishes in the deep sea. It constitutes the ability to store about 3000-way points and helps to route 150 different routings.

Does It Have Any Special Features? 

Yes, it does. With the use of the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish finder, the time spent in fishing is reduced, through the CHIRP technology. The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 fish finder unit is optically bonded with the color display unit to avoid fogging and provides a wide range of viewing angles.

The dual channel sonar band spectrums such as the CHIRP down vision sonar channel and CHIRP conventional sonar channel are built in it. The down version type of CHIRP sonar technology is used for image capturing and the conventional type of CHIRP sonar technology is used for tracking the location of the fishes.

The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish Finder unit is simple to fix and use in boats. This low power consumption fish finder device makes use of the lithium ion type of battery units. Also, the fish finder consists of the Micro SD memory card for easy map readout and to save the screen shots for future references.

This fish finder device is more compact with the C-Map for routing and tracing purposes, which further includes the transducer and the temperature sensor to sense the fishes. This ball and socket type of tilt swivel structure help to mount at any type of setup easily and gives a flexible choice to operate the device efficiently in a safer environment.

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fish Finder

Key Features – CHIRP sonar technology, high-resolution imaging, LCD display unit.

Pro – highly guaranteed, effective device, water resistant ability.

Thus, the clear imaging qualities of this fish finder display unit, ensure to provide the accurate reading and image display, each and every time.


Marcum LX 7 Review-State of Art Ice Fishing Finders


The Marcum is developing by manufacturing the various types of ice fishing sonar displays. It occupies the top position in the market. The Marcum lx 7 fish finder is built suitable for ice fishing. As it functions with sonar technology, it can identify the movement of fish under the ice. The large LCD display will give a clear image about the where the fishes are swimming.

marcum lx 7 review

Marcum LX 7 Review

The device helps to find the fish in the frozen water. It is being provided with the multiple features which make the users to catch the fish easily. The multi-dimensional sonar interface, gives the users, the maximum flexibility and helps to broadcast the happenings under the surface of the ice.

Best Features

It has certain remarkable features as follows.

LCD Display-It consists of an 8 inch LCD screen display and the readings are displayed on the LCD screen. The screen includes vertical zoom, flasher dial, and graph displays. Out of the four color palates, you can select the one which favors you.

Backlight-It consists of the backlight, which helps to illuminate in low-light conditions. To save the life of the battery, you can reduce the level of brightness. By reducing the backlight brightness up to 50 percent, you can extend the life of the battery for about 13 to 14 hours.

Battery-The device includes rechargeable 12volt battery and a charger cord. After charging the battery, you can use the fish finding device.

Technology-With the help of the sonar footprint technology, the device is used to track the fishing areas even at deeper heights and prevents the adjacent sonar users from picking the pulses to avoid the footprint area.


Sensor-As it is equipped with the temperature sensor, it is used to update the temperature of the area as the temperature varies from water to water.

Power-To turn on/off, press and hold the button, for 2 seconds. It operates with the pek to pek power of 4800 watts.

Auto Range-Switching the auto range to on position, you can start the fishing. Press the range button and it will open a window, which consist of 11 range options. Highlight the auto and press the menu button and the device will automatically lock the depth range.

Target Adjust-With the help of this feature, you can convert the size of the signal without increasing the sensitivity. Based on the angle, the signal’s size can be changed from a thin band to a thicker one. If you set the target adjust to “0”, it will produce a thin band. By increasing the level of the target adjust, it changes to the thick band.

How To Use The Device?

It can be mounted on the transom or on the trolling motor. It can be handled by both the beginners and by the experienced ones. In the screen, it displays the distance of the object. Through this, we can guess the areas where the fishes are swimming and catch the fish.

The transducer can perform well, both in a single beam, as well as, in a dual beam. The dual beam transducer provides two options of 8 degree or 20 degree cone angle. It is considered as the best one for ice fishing.


As it has an excellent battery life, the device can be used for long hours. The screen displays the images with high resolution and produces the magnified objects. So, you can view the images in a clear view.

Through advanced ice fishing technology, the users can detect the areas and catch it quickly without any delay. While considering the price of the product, it costs low when compared to other fish finders. It can be used either in day time or during night time.

Marcum LX 7

Key Features: Target adjust, auto range, zoom, latest technology.

Pros: Performs well in frozen water, gives a clear image, easy to use and assemble.


While in use, the screen freezes and make it difficult to identify the images on it. The water enters into the screen and causes damages to it. Inside the unit, the wires might be in a loose condition and requires tightening it before using the device.

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Lowrance Mark-4 Fishfinder/Chartplotter Review


The Lowrance Mark-4 fishfinder is a dual functional fishfinder and has many advantages. This fishfinder detects the fishes easily and it also has many improved technologies for various other functional features. This device is affordable and it can be used by even the beginners.

lowrance mark-4 fishfinder/chartplotter review

With the implementation of modern technologies, this device maintains its reputation in the market. This device is generally used for various types of fishing such as ocean fishing, kayaking, freshwater fishing, etc.

Lowrance Mark-4 Fishfinder/Chartplotter Review

This device is designed in a simple way with low cost. It has sonar technology for communication.  The fishfinder comes along with a high-quality display unit, which is used for viewing the regions under the water.

Various additional and special features are also equipped with this device to make it powerful. Further, this fishfinder is built with a GPS system to display the level and amount of tracking the devices. This device is also compact and durable so that it can be used for a long time.

What Are The Key Features?

The Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder is a high-quality fishfinder that can be operated with high performance. The important reason for the high performance of the device is the features. Some of the features of Lowrance Mark 4 are listed below.

LED Backlighting-The Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder has a brighter LED backlighting with it. This is an important feature and this is responsible for viewing the images with high clarity. The backlight LED displays, bright crystal clear images with higher resolution. With this technology, even the minute details of the signals are viewed clearly in the display.

Trackback-The trackback feature is a modern technology used within this device. This is done with the implementation of GPS technology within the device. With this feature, minute variations within the devices can be recorded and displayed easily within the device. Hence, the anglers can adjust the switch position to maintain the function of the device.


Transducer-The transducer used within this device is also effective and it is responsible for the transmission and reception of the signals. The Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder has both transmitter and the receiver: the transmitter is placed in the bottom region of the boat and it is mounted for determining things with higher accuracy.

The receiver is also mounted within the boat and it is placed near the anglers so that he can perform fishing easily. The function of the receiver transducer is to demodulate the modulated signal and displays these signals effectively.

Display-The display of this device is very effective and it can be used for determining various functions and operations of the system easily. The displays screen is designed in a black and white color and so, the images in these screens are viewed as gray scale images.

The display is made up of LED lights that protect the eye and the screen. The height of the display is about 5-inches and the resolution of the display is 320×240 pixels. Hence, the images displayed in these screens are of high clarity and capacity.

Controls-This device is equipped with various control features and these control features are used for improving various important features of the device. The menu option is very easy to operate and there is a switch provided with this device for the menu option. Further, the devices have controls for zooming, noise reduction, etc. The device also has a power off and on control on the receiver side of the device.

Detailed Mapping-This device displays two maps and these two maps are effective and they can be used for detailed mapping. One map is a normal map that views details about the things under the water and the other map completely deals on various important minute details of the device. With this detailed mapping, the user can determine the fishing region with higher clarity.

Chart Plotting-Another special feature of this device is the chart plotting. This feature is also coupled with the GPS system of the device. Generally, the Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder is preloaded with Navionics gold cartography. This is compatible with Navionics premium and fishing hotspot pro. This device determines various regions of fishing and marks the spot.

This chart marking is stored in the micro SD devices, which is installed along with the device so that the angler can go to the same spot, a number of times, for fishing. The GPS system used in this device is very accurate and it can mark any spot with the higher efficiency in the chart.

How To Use It?

Using the Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder is very easy. This device can be installed easily in any boats with the help of the mounts. This device offers a 2D or 3D display to the devices and with this display, the angler can view the region with higher capability.

The transmitter is connected to the bottom and it captures images from under the water with higher efficiency. The captured images are received by the receiver and it can be viewed by the angler for easy fishing. It also has a zooming phenomenon by which the exact place can be monitored by the device.


This fish finder is equipped with various accessories such as the mount, power supply cable, and various products for external navigation. All these accessories and the products are useful and hence, it can be used easily by the anglers.

Lowrance Mark 4 Fishfinder And Chart Plotter

Key features: Chart plotting, LED backlighting and durable transducer.

Pros: high quality, detailed mapping and easy to use.


This is an advantageous product with very few disadvantages. The disadvantage of this product is the black and white screen. This screen details all the information only in the black and white color and so many information and minute details cannot be recognized easily by the users.

Final Words

The Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder is a useful fish finder with many advantage and innovative technology. The GPS system used within this device is very useful and so, the device can be used for locating the current region of fishing. Further, the display of the device is very accurate and the fishing can be done with high efficiency and performance.

These are the various features and uses of Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder. So, try this innovative fishfinder and share your views in the box given below.


Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Review-A Hybrid Fishfinder


Most of the fishermen and other fish finders struggle hard in finding the exact location of the group of fishes. To overcome this situation, the Lowrance Elite 7 HDI fishfinder is used. This fish finder comes with a seven inches brighter LCD screen, with a LED backlit display so as to help the fishermen catch the fishes both in the day and the night time.

Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Review

Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Review

The Lowrance Elite 7 HDI fish finder works based on the 3D imaging sonar unit, which is implemented with the GPS antenna receiver for mapping the routes and the exact location of a group of fishes in the deep sea.

The Hybrid Dual Imaging

 The Lowrance Elite 7 fish finder unit consists of the Hybrid Dual Imaging technology, which provides the power of displaying the two imaging structure into one with the differentiation of fishes and other materials under the deep sea.

The Transducer

This fish finder unit is designed with the traditional type of transducer, which makes the installation purpose more convenient on any setup. With the use of this fish finder device, the user can easily view the bottom of the deep sea in a clear mode.

Down Imaging

This Lowrance Elite 7 HDI fish finder unit consists of the down imaging technology to view the information such as the border lines, structure of the sea, bait fish, worst weather forecasting, predator fish, and other types of natural disorders. The down imaging broadband sonar unit is mated with the high-resolution down scanning sonar unit, to figure out the location of the fishes in a crystal clear manner.

Temperate sensor and Track Back feature

The transducer is inbuilt with the temperature sensor to sense the fish in and around the boat. The main work of the track back feature is to allow the sonar unit to rewind the history of the reading based on the user’s needs.


This fish finder unit is designed with multiple types of charting options such as the base map and chart plotting. The base map provides information about the navigation whereas, the chart plotting provides more information about the routes, way points, and fish targets. It is inbuilt with GPS antenna receiver and Mapping unit for accurate measuring of fish targeting.

The Display

This color display of the unit uses the exclusive type of HDI technology to quickly access the different features by means of single thumb operation. The multi-window display allows the user to choose three different panels in the form of split-screen and

NMEA 2000

It is inbuilt with the NMEA 2000 networking to share the data for communicating. This NMEA 2000 technology is useful to separate the GPS unit based on the way points available in the particular locations and it also provides the user with the option to share and mark all type of new way points and chart plots over the deep sea.

CHIRP Technology And Storage

The touch screen Lowrance Elite fish finder device provides the fast response for the fishermen with the use of the CHIRP technology. This wireless connectivity fish finding device is upgraded with the SD card slot and fast releasing bracket for the convenient usage.

Power And Frequency

The Lowrance Elite 7 HDI fish finder unit operates at maximum output power of 500W. It usually operates at the high frequency ranging up to 800 KHz such that it is displayed over Solar MAX TFT color LCD screen display unit.


Highly inbuilt with the LED back lighting option, it flashes out lighting during emergency cases. It is highly implemented with the Transom mountable type of transducer with the trolling motor to operate the unit with high speed fish targeting.


Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Fish Finder

Key Features – LCD color display unit, LED backlighting, down scan imaging.

Pros –big screen, fish targeting, light weight, easy mounting.

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Lowrance Elite 5 HDI Review-What’s So Good?


One of the popular brands of the Lowrance from the Elite series is the Elite 5 HDI. The design of the product is simple but, it is loaded with the unique features, which help to perform well. It can be operated with ease even by the beginners. The sounder screen is perfect to view the structure of the image better.

lowrance elite 5 HDI review

Lowrance Elite 5 HDI Review

Lowrance Elite 5 HDI is a device, which is used to detect the areas where the fishes are swimming. It can be mounted on the boat and is being equipped with the special features to improve the performance of the fish finding device.

Special Features

They come with the following special features.

Down Scan Imaging Technology-It comes as a combination of two technologies in one model. The down scan imaging and broadband sounder can be viewed in one single screen. Basically, the down scan imaging is a technology, which is used to detect the structure and bottom of the target objects. It displays all the objects present in the underground water. Submerged trees, rocks, small reptiles, etc., can be viewed with the help of this technology.

Display-The 5 inch screen displays the clear image of the target object. It is provided with a resolution of 480*480 pixels. The TFT display gives the image with greater color and brightness. The picture can be viewed in a wide angle. Even on exposing to the direct sunlight, one can view the clear image of the target object.

Power-It is operated at the power of 300 watts and has a maximum power of 600 watts.

Frequency- The frequencies, which are provided by the transducer may vary based on the situation of fishing. In the broadband sounder, the user can select 83/200 kHz with a depth of 1000 feet or 50/200 kHz frequency with the depth of 2500 feet. The down scan imaging provides the dual frequency of 455 and 800 kHz, through which you can view below the portions of the boat up to 300 feet.

Track Back Feature-With the help of the trackback feature, the user can save the history of the sonar and can view the previous history hotspots.

LED Backlight-It is fitted with the backlight and is used to increase the illumination in low light conditions.  So, even during the night time, you can use this fish finding device. It helps to save the power of the battery by decreasing the brightness level of the backlight. Thus, the product can be used for long periods.

GPS Antenna-It has a built-in GPS antenna for giving detailed information about the background map and it offers the messages about the navigation.

New Page  Selector-By using the new page selector menu, the user can quickly access the features in a one-thumb impression.

Temperature Sensor-The fish can be detected with the help of the temperature of the water as it is provided with the temperature display. It continuously updates the temperature of the water. You can zoom the prey with the help of zoom option feature. While traveling on the boat, the waypoints are being marked and help to view the track.

Memory SD Card-The user can save the previous shots of the images and can retrieve it later to be viewed  by the users or to share it with their friends .

Built-in Memory-It consists of a built-in memory, which saves up to 1000 waypoints. You can also view the previous hotspots.

How To Use The Device?

The operation of the device can be done by the various menus. By using the menus, you can switch over to the different features easily. On the multi-window display, you can choose the pre-set page layouts. The user can view the measurements in all the three panels at the same time.Further, the sonar setting adjustments can be done by the advanced signal processing feature.

Installing The Device

First of all, select the suitable place for the device, on the boat. To keep the transducer, place and hold the mounting template. Mark the positions and make holes on the transom with the help of a drilling machine. Place the transducer together and add it to the mounting bracket. For more stability, add some of the silicon sealants on the holes. Just screw and adjust the position of the transducer. Place the cable on the either side of the channel, to run the transducer to the control head.


The device can be assembled very easily. The high-quality LCD screen displays a clear image of the target object. It can be used either in daytime or during the night time and gives the clear image even when exposed to the direct sunlight. As it is made of the waterproof materials, no problem occurs while dropping the fish finding device into the water.

Lowrance Elite 5 HDI

Key features: Down Scan Imaging Technology, LCD display screen,

Pros: Provides clear image, easy to use and install.

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Lowrance Elite 3X Review-Is It Worth It?


The one way to eliminate the problem of finding the fishes in the deep sea or the other type of water beds is using the Lowrance Elite 3X Fish Finder device. This Lowrance elite fish finder is not much cost effective.

lowrance elite 3x review

The Lowrance Elite 3X fish finder includes a dual frequency broadband range, which effectively targets the fish arrival over the particular regions, border layout, bottom depth of the water and more information through the inbuilt LED display unit. The skimmer type of transom mounted transducer is inbuilt with the water temperature sensor to figure out the fishes by means of the distorted temperature range from the fish body.

Lowrance Elite 3X Review

This type of compact fish finder includes a LED display unit of 3.5 inches, which provides a high resolution image ranging up to 320 x 240 pixels for easy viewing on the full and bright sunlight. The signal processing unit is highly inbuilt in this fish finder device to differentiate the various fish targets with high output power range under the deep water.

How Does It Function?

The Lowrance elite 3X fish finder is a well known professional fish locator device, with an easy to read, LED display. This compact color screen display helps to provide clear reading even in the bright daylight conditions. This fish finder device suits all types of setup.

The Lowrance elite 3X fish finder depends on two frequencies for searching the fishes deeply beneath the boat at 200 KHz. The main function of this fish finder device is to sense various features such as the fish ID, the speed of the fish under the water, distance ranging between the boat and the fishes, noise reduction choice to catch the fish easily, high-frequency ranging, and the sensitivity of the sonar units.

This fish finder device comes out with a single touch control button to start the operation for catching the fishes. The advanced signal processing unit inbuilt in this device helps to pick out the fish from the bottom of the waterbeds. This fish finder device also constitutes the alarming system to keep track of the fishes and other natural disorders in the waterbeds.

What Are The Special Features That It Has?

The Lowrance elite 3X fish finder is highlighted with a color LED screen display unit; it provides a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels for easy readout. The Patented skimmer type of transducer along with the sounder helps to identify the arrival of the fish near the boat or ship. This fish finder helps to view the display data even in the bright sunlight with the wide angled adjustments.

It works based on the dual frequency of 83 KHz and 200 KHz, to maximize the targeting of large fish over a large surrounding area under the boat or a ship. The 83 KHz and 200 KHz frequency, provide a conical coverage angle ranging up to 60 degrees and 20 degrees respectively for fish targeting. The page option on the display screen helps the user to view the frequency range in a faster manner.

This fish finder transducer is inbuilt with the water temperature sensor, to sense the temperature distortion created from the fish body at the range of up to 75mph. This Lowrance fish finder consists of a power button to control the display light setting, both for day timing and night timing. The fish ID icon is used to identify and alarm the users about the arrival of the fish.

Lowrance Elite 3X Fish Finder

Key Features – LED Display, high resolution, compact color display, LCD backlit screen.

Pros – low cost, easy to install, light weight.

This Lowrance Elite 3X fish finder device gains its popularity due to its light weighted size, compact color display unit, and its affordability. There is no doubt that this Lowrance Elite 3X fish finder is one of the best devices to purchase.

iBobber Review- A Wireless Smart Fish finder


Are you a person interested in fishing? then, here is a useful device for you. iBobber fishfinder is an affordable fishfinder with many inbuilt technologies in it. It is operated with the help of a smartphone access and an app is used for interfacing the device with the smartphone.

ibobber review

This device can be used by all the fishermen and the anglers. Widely this device is used for kayaking, shore fishing, dock and pier fishing, ice fishing, etc. It detects the fishes and the regions around them with higher accuracy and efficiency.

iBobber Review

The iBobber fishfinder is of high-quality and can be used by any person for fishing. It has many built-in features and capabilities. The entire device is water resistant and is hence,durable. This product has a compact design and is light in weight. The design of this product is unique and even the kids above 12 years can operate this fishfinder.

Special Features

The iBobber fishfinder is an user-friendly fishfinder with many internal features and functions. The special features of this fishfinder are listed below.

Sonar Fish Technology-The iBobbler fishfinder is an effective fishfinder with a patented sonar fish finding technology. This technology is very useful and it detects the surrounding region and depth of the inner lying fishes. With this technology, the fisherman can easily detect the depth of the fish and catch them accordingly.

Bluetooth-The iBobber fish finder monitors the given region and transmits the detected region to a smartphone with the help of an app. The iBobber app is also a reliable app and it can view the received signals within less time. The Bluetooth range of the fishfinder is about 100 feet. The decrease in battery life affects the performance and function of the Bluetooth.

Battery-The battery supply used in this device is powerful and it can be recharged after every use. The battery is durable and is of high quality. At constant use, the maximum battery life of the device is about 11 hours. A high-quality Lithium-ion battery is generally used as it offers high power. The battery level in this device is indicated with the help of the LED lights.

Color Variation And Tags-The images viewed through iBobbler app have various color coding and these color codings are about the size of the fist. The color coding also contains tags and in these tags, the depth of the fishes are determined accurately. These functions are coded within the app and with these features, even the beginners can start fishing easily and effectively.

GPS-The another important technology of the iBobber is the GPS technology. The GPS technology acts along with a sports tagging interactive map. With this GPS, the fishermen can locate the device and the fishes in the area. The positioning systems report the user its position time to time and keep the device safe.

Contour Mapping-Contour mapping feature is also used in this device, which makes the fish finding device effective. This mapping compares the geographical map with the detected map, and detects the variations and informs it to the user. This technique allows the user to map the picks easily with the other one and thereby, it increases the performance of the fishermen.

Compact-The design of the iBobber device is very unique and it can be used in various places. This is a pocket fit device that can be placed even in the pockets for portability. Added to this, the device is designed to be water-resistant and lightweight. Since it is light in weight, these devices can also be used in various outdoor regions and even in the oceans.

Compatible-This device is compatible with both the iPhones and the android devices. But, they are applicable only to the upgraded versions of the android mobiles. The app is very simple and is easy to install. This app is a free app and can be downloaded easily from the stores. This app requires activation whenever the fishermen start fishing.

Fish And Strike Alarm-The iBobber fish finding devices also have a fish and strike alarm. This alarm is useful and it is operated with the help of a battery. Whenever the fishfinder detects the fish, it alerts the anglers with a beep sound. By this, the anglers get alerted to catch the fish faster with higher accuracy. This device also has a strike alarm too.

Display-The display of the app is very accurate because of the use of sonar technology. The app shows a colorful display as it uses smartphones for operation. Further, the depth of the fish is also accurately shown in the display so that the angler can reel out the spinning reel effectively.

Lunar Calendar App Functions-This device also has an inbuilt Lunar calendar app function and with this function, one can detect the variation in climatic changes in an advanced way. With this, the angler can safeguard himself from the harsh and harmful weather. This calendar also permits the fishermen or the angler to fish in a safe weather condition.

How To Use?

iBobber fishfinder can be used easily. Even the beginner can use this equipment with a higher accuracy and performance. This device is operated with the help of a bluetooth and iBobber app. This device is used widely in angling where the iBobber device is connected to the string on the device. After placing the device put the device in water for angling. Check for the connectivity on your mobile phone. The device Bluetooth will get connected to itself on the mobile phone.

Now, the various regions underneath the water will be recorded by the device and it will be transmitted to the angler. The angler can determine the depth of the fish and the type of the fish with the transmitted signals. After this, the anglers starts angling in a particular region and he can catch the type of the fish he deserved for fishing.

Additional Features

This is the best compact device used for fishing. Other than fishing, it also has various additional features such as the lunar calendar used for detecting the climatic conditions, temperature, wind speed, weather condition, etc.

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder

Key features: Sonar Technology, LED beacon, and GPS.

Pros: Low cost, lightweight and compact.


This product is useful and is affordable. An important drawback is that the mobile phones should be kept safe away from the water.


This is a useful fishfinder because it can be used effectively by all the persons. Even beginners can use this device with high performance. This device is compact and it is the smallest one of all the fishfinders so that the angler carries this even in their pockets. Further, the cost of this fishfinder is very low when compared to all the other types and models of the fishfinders. Apart from that, this product is durable and it can be used for a long time.

Hope this article is useful to you, if you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.


Humminbird Piranhamax 176i Review


humminbird piranhamax 176i review

The Humminbird Piranha MAX 176i Fish Finder is one of fabulous fish finding device that overcomes all the struggling factors of fish tracing. The Humminbird Piranha MAX 176i Fish Finder unit helps to trace out the particular type of fish efficiently based on the user choice. This fish finder product constitute of highly inbuilt internal GPS which allow you to visualize the waypoints, chart plotting, tracking distance and the speed of the fishes.

Humminbird Piranhamax 176i Review

The Humminbird Piranhamax 176i fish finder device works based on the dual beam sonar unit and an inbuilt GPS receiver. The dual beam sonar unit helps to detect the fish in the deep sea water and other types of waterbeds. The dual beam sonar unit works well in visualizing the different varieties of beams on the display unit such as the narrow beam, wide beam, and narrow-wide combined beam types. It helps to reveal the bottom contouring and better coverage on the fish targeting.

How Does It Function?

This tilting and swivel bracket type fish finder devices helps you to adjust the reading on the display screen. The backlighting inbuilt in this fish finder helps to allow the user to make use of this product during the night time. This Humminbird Piranha fish finder device comes with a water proof design to resist the flow of water getting inside the device.

It consists of the temperature sensor unit to sense the water type for efficient fish tracing. The clear edge grayscale display unit is equipped withstand against the extreme sun light. This fish finding device is the best for night fishing as it flashes out the backlight for easy readouts for the user’s quick reference.

What Makes The Device Special?

This fish finding device is perfect in fulfilling the user needs and is suitable for most of the smaller type of boats. This low price fish finder device is easy to fix and use and is considered as one of the good choices for the fishermen to have it in their boats for fish tracking. It takes lesser time to spot the fish in and around the boat in a deep and accurate manner.

The internal GPS receiver equipped with the display unit helps to find the way points on the mapping system affixed with this fish finder device. It operates over a maximum frequency range of 455 KHz. The internal GPS tracking system helps to provide the mapping of routes about the direction of the fishes under the deep sea. The dual sonar beam operates at two different angles such as a 16 degree narrow beam and a 28 degree wide beam.

What Are The Key Features?

The Humminbird Piranha MAX 176i Fish Finder device is a four inch multicolor display unit, which helps to display reading and other alert information about the fish arrival and other natural calamities around the ship. This fish finding devices constitute the ability to store the waypoints ranging up to 500 points such that it can be tilted at various angles to figure out the fishes in an accurate measure.

The LCD display unit is mated with a backlighting facility to flash out the light during the emergency situations. This 160H x 240V high resolution grayscale display unit clearly points out the readings on the screen for the user reference. It works on the dual solar beam of 200 KHz and 455 KHz and the depth capacity ranges up to 600.

Humminbird Piranhamax 176i

Key Features – Internal GPS receiver, Wide beam, Narrow beam.

Pros – high beam coverage, map the way points in an accurate measure, simple to fix.


The Humminbird is a compact device and is simple to use and is hence the best option to purchase for tracking the fishes. This fish finding device is affordable to be used for both marine water and fresh water. It is portable to setup in every boat for helping the fishermen for easy fish tracing.

Humminbird Piranhamax 143 Review


Humminbird piranhamax 143 is considered as one of the most basic fish finders from Humminbird. This device has to be attached to your boat and it is used to find out the depth of the sea, fish, and the temperature of the water. Its design makes the product perform well.

humminbird piranhamax 143 review

It suits both the beginners, as well as, the experienced ones as it is provided with the latest technology. It plays a significant role in finding the areas of the fish and is the best fish finding device available in the today’s market.

Humminbird Piranhamax 143 Review

Humminbird Piranhamax 143 is a kind of fish finder, which is used to detect the areas of fish under the water. It is provided with a transducer and a control head.  The main job of the transducer is to transform the electrical energy into the sound waves.  You can keep the transducer at the internal section of the fiberglass hull boat or transom. The control head is mounted on one suitable place, where you can view it and access it properly.

What Are The Best Features?

The following are the best features of this device.

Display- It provides the best grayscale with four levels of 160V*128H, which displays the clear view of the image and it can reach the depth of 600 feet.  With the help of the grayscale, you can easily separate the pixels. So, the images are clearly seen on the 4-inch screen. The high-quality image can be seen in the 400*800 wide resolution screens.

Backlight- Further, it is fitted with a backlight, which is used to increase the illumination in low light conditions.

Power and Frequency- It has 100 watts (RMS) and 800 watts (PTP) output of power and comes with the single sonar beam with a frequency of 200 khz. The dual beam sonar gives a good coverage to the portions under the sea and an accurate image with good clarity. Also, it can reach up to 1500 feet depth.

Ease of use- It can be fitted easily in the boat as it has rounded edges, adjustable screen, and large buttons. Even the beginners can install it within few minutes. As it consists of the tilt mechanism, the fish finder can be used in different positions to catch their prey.

Temperate sensor- The fish can be detected with the help of the temperature of the water as it is provided with the temperature display. It continuously updates the temperature of the water. While traveling on the boat, the waypoints are being marked and it helps to view the track.

How To Use It?

Initially, place the product on the boat and adjust the interface by customizing colors and view selections. By using the X-press menu system, you can switch over to different features, which you use often. The user can use the programmable buttons to save the favorite views of the image. To see the clear image of the object, you can increase the PTP power of the transducer.

How To Install The Device On The Boat?

First of all, you should select the suitable place for the device on the boat. To keep the transducer, place and hold the mounting template. Mark the positions and make holes on the transom with the help of a drilling machine. Place the transducer together and add it to the mounting bracket.

For more stability, add the silicon sealants on the holes. Just screw and adjust the position of the transducer. Place the cable on either side of the channel to run the transducer to the control head. After installing the fish finder just put it into the water and see whether it is working or not. If it works, you can use the fish finder simulator.


It includes accessories like down imaging transducer, mounting hardware, transducer adapter, and cable.


It can be easily installed on the boat to find the areas of the fish. The device can be operated without any difficulty. No problem or confusion occurs while taking the readings. Even when exposed to the direct sunlight, you can view the measurements clearly. By having grayscale, it displays the images clearly. The body of the fish finder is made of the waterproof materials so that it can tolerate all kinds of environment. It has the capacity to detect the fish in deeper areas.

Humminbird PiranhaMAX 143

Key features: Waterproof, 4 level gray scale display, side and down image technology.

Pros: gives the clear image, withstand in all environments, Easy to use and assembled.


As it can reach the depth of 600 feet, it sometimes flaws the single sonar beam. While detecting the particular species of a  fish, the sensors seem to be very critical to perform.

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Humminbird ICE 35 Review


The Humminbird ICE-35 fish flasher is a traditional fishfinder with many attractive features. This fish flasher is a powerful one with a LED display unit. The LED lights are generally used for displaying the number of fishes in a particular region. This device can be used suitably for both the conventional and the traditional fishing method.

humminbird ice 35 review

This fish flasher has a simple traditional design with new technology in it. The cost of this product is very less and it is commonly used in both fresh water and salt waters. Mostly, anglers and fishermen use this device to locate the regions with a lot of fishes.

Humminbird ICE 35 Review

The Humminbird ICE 35 fish flasher is an advanced fishfinder equipped with various trending features and uses. The design and the use of this fishfinder are similar to that of the traditional fish flasher and this device is commonly used by the traditional persons.

Beginners require some special practice and training before using this fish flasher. Added to this, the device is compact and it can be used in any weather condition and climatic situations. This device also has the inbuilt sonar technology and is commonly used for ice fishing and various other fishing methods and types.

Special Features

The important features of the Humminbird ICE-35 fish flasher are listed below.

Display-The Humminbird ICE-35 fish flasher has a three colored display. The display is made up of LED’s and this LED’s constitute the fiber optic display within the devices. With this fiber optic display, one can easily find the fishes and the depth of the fishes easily.

The accuracy of the LED is very high and this is responsible for the performance of the angler. These LED’s are used in the flashing stage for determining the depth of the fishes exactly with high performance.

3-Color LED-The LED’s used in the display unit is of three different colors; green, orange, and red. The LED’s are connected along with the depth scale and these LED blinks as the fish enters into their coverage area and flashes exactly in the disk with correct depth. The three LED’s are durable and they ensure high performance within the device.

Power-The input power to this device is very high and it is about 800 Watt. This high input power is responsible for the high output power of the device. This high output power activates the beneficial functions of the device. The device can work faster and it can also be used for recording minute things within the sea. Even the smaller targets can be displayed on the screen with less noise and with high accuracy in the depth.

Transducer-The next important component of Humminbird ICE 35 fish flasher is the transducer. There are two transducers with this device; they are the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter is suspended beneath the water in any cold region. The fishes living under the cold region gets trapped by the signals from this transmitter and these electrical signals are converted to sound signal.

In the receiver transducer, the sound signals are decoded and converted back to the electrical signal to locate the LED back to the respected region. For obtaining accurate transducer detection, the transducer should be immersed well inside the cold water.

Switch Pad-This device is equipped with the switch pad that contains 4 buttons in it. These 4 buttons have various uses and advantages such as noise, zoom, gain, and beam selection. The noise switch is used for tuning the signal with which the interference within the sound signals gets reduced. The zoom button is used for focusing a particular region.

The gain button is used for increasing the gain and performance of the device whereas, the beam selection option is used for choosing the beam from the sensor. Either a high-frequency beam or a low-frequency beam can be selected with this switch pad. The switch pad also offers finite tuning capacity with it.

Battery-This device is operated with the help of the highly powerful 12-volt battery that has many important uses and advantages. This battery is effective and is rechargeable. This battery offers the necessary input power for the device and for the LED’s to operate. This battery is durable and it can be used for a long time.

How To Use?

The design of the Humminbird ICE 35 fish flasher is quite different from the traditional fish flasher. Using this device is completely similar to that of the conventional fish flasher. The beginners require some training for operating this device. As mentioned above, this device is operated with the sonar technology with a transmitter and a receiver.

The transmitter captures signals and transmits them to the receiver whereas, the receiver reads the incoming signal and displays the reading according to the deviation in the signal. These readings are displayed along the depth disk and hence, fishermen use this device for efficient fishing.


This is an exceptive ice fish finder product that can be used in various climatic conditions. This product is generally used along with the stand and cables. The cables are used for recharging the batteries whereas, the stand is used for mounting the device so that the angler can perform his work with higher efficiency and capability.

Humminbird ICE-35 Three Color Flasher

Key Features: 3-color LED, depth disc, and transducers.

Pros: high accuracy, powerful and high-quality.


One of the important drawbacks of this fishfinder is the noise. This device is considered to be noisy for using it in a calmer environment. Further, this device satisfies the basic features of a fishfinder.

Final Words

This fishfinder is one of the best-suited devices for traditional anglers and it detects the fishes effectively in any region and at various temperatures. This device is specially designed for Polar Regions and in the regions covered with ice.  This device detects the fishes with high accuracy.

So if you are living in regions covered with ice, then try this fish flasher and share your views in the box given below.