Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo Review

The Humminbird brand offers many fish finding devices with advanced quality and functions. An important product among them is the Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo fish finder. This is an effective fish finder with many inbuilt features and capabilities.

humminbird 798ci hd si combo review

The features of this device make it operate with a higher performance and the advanced qualities. Mostly, many anglers use this device because of its inbuilt features. The technology used in this device is the 360 imaging technology.

Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo Review

The Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo fish finder is commonly referred as a high-tech fish finder that has various important functions and features. This device is durable and it is used in the boat with the help of a mount. It has a large colorful display unit that is operated with the help of the signals from the transducer. This is a combo model and this device also has inbuilt GPS feature in it as an advancement.

Special Features

As mentioned above, this is a high-tech device with many innovative features and technologies. The important features of this device are given below.

360 Degree Imaging-The Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo fish finder is equipped with a 360-degree imaging feature that is advantageous. This imaging technique is effective and it can give better results while angling. This imaging has 5 presets and it can be used for viewing the entire events completely under the water, at any angles and direction.

Side Imaging Sonar-The side imaging sonar is used to record the surrounding region, which is covered with the help of the boat. With the help of this sonar, the angler can easily detect the boat location, water column, flat, descend and rising terrain, fallen log, standing timber etc., and it effectively captures all these images and displays them to the angler in the boat.

Down Imaging Sonar-Added to side imaging sonar, this device also has the featured down imaging sonar. The down imaging sonar is an effective sonar that is used for viewing the internal portions of the water with higher efficiency. This sonar is mainly used for determining the fishes and various disturbances beneath the ground.  So that, it can be used for increasing the efficiency of fishing effectively. The coverage range of this sonar is about 100 meters.

Switch-Fire-The switch fire technology is an innovative model that is more commonly seen in most of the hummingbird devices. This technology enables two display modes within the device. This device is operated with the help of the inbuilt sonar technology. The two display models are effective and any detail can be added or removed to these models as per as the convenience of the user. This technology adds a new dimension to the 2D fish finding technology.

GPS System-This device is further built with an internal GPS system with various features. This GPS system is effective and it has a fast position fixing capacity within the device. This system stores the recorded information in the storage space that can be marked for later use.

Storage Space-This device is equipped with two advanced card slots and these two slots are used for inserting the storage cards into the device. Generally, micro SD storage cards are used by the device and these two storage cards are used for various purposes. One storage card is used for cartography and the other important storage card in used for saving the screenshots, sonar readings, and waypoints.

Display-The next important feature of the system is the display. The display is used for viewing the images captured by the transducer. The display used in the Humminbird 798ci HD SI fish finder is a multicolor display and it offers the bright and crystal-clear images for easy viewing. The display is very clear and this helps the angler to find the type of the fish lying under the water. The display is made up of LED and it displays various other features along with the sonar images. The resolution of the display is about 640×640 pixels. The height of the display is about 5-inches.

Cartography-This device is built-in with various advanced features and functions and so, it can be used effectively in cartography. The contour XD is built with a base map that covers almost 3000 lakes in the US with depth contours. With this feature, one can easily recognize the depth and shallow regions in the water. This will keep the angler alert and also enables them to avoid various hazards within the water.

How To Use?

Using Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo fish finder is very easy and even the beginners can use this device with higher performance. This device has both the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter system is very effective and it is connected to the sonar whereas, the receiver system is connected to the display.

This is a wireless device that can transmit and receive the signals effectively. The transmitter is mounted on the lower end of the boat whereas, the receiver is placed in any convenient region within the boat. Further, any modifications and variations can be controlled with various switches and options within the receiver unit.


This device is operated with various useful and essential accessories of various functions. This device is equipped with various other control options that are used for increasing the performance of the device. This is a battery-operated device that can be operated with higher efficiency and capability.


The cons of this product are its controls. It has a number of control options and operating these options is quite confusing. The initial setup of the device is technical and so, many anglers feel it as a difficult task.


This is one of the high-tech new generation fish finders in the market. This device can be even used by all the persons around the world for higher performance. Further, the device can be operated with the help of a battery and so, it can be used durable in many conditions. The performance of the anglers  increases with this device.

So, try this device and share your views with your friends as it would benefit them.

Key Features: dual sonar technology, well-defined display, and switch fire technology.

Pros: easy to operate, durable and cartography.


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