iBobber Review- A Wireless Smart Fish finder

Are you a person interested in fishing? then, here is a useful device for you. iBobber fishfinder is an affordable fishfinder with many inbuilt technologies in it. It is operated with the help of a smartphone access and an app is used for interfacing the device with the smartphone.

ibobber review

This device can be used by all the fishermen and the anglers. Widely this device is used for kayaking, shore fishing, dock and pier fishing, ice fishing, etc. It detects the fishes and the regions around them with higher accuracy and efficiency.

iBobber Review

The iBobber fishfinder is of high-quality and can be used by any person for fishing. It has many built-in features and capabilities. The entire device is water resistant and is hence,durable. This product has a compact design and is light in weight. The design of this product is unique and even the kids above 12 years can operate this fishfinder.

Special Features

The iBobber fishfinder is an user-friendly fishfinder with many internal features and functions. The special features of this fishfinder are listed below.

Sonar Fish Technology-The iBobbler fishfinder is an effective fishfinder with a patented sonar fish finding technology. This technology is very useful and it detects the surrounding region and depth of the inner lying fishes. With this technology, the fisherman can easily detect the depth of the fish and catch them accordingly.

Bluetooth-The iBobber fish finder monitors the given region and transmits the detected region to a smartphone with the help of an app. The iBobber app is also a reliable app and it can view the received signals within less time. The Bluetooth range of the fishfinder is about 100 feet. The decrease in battery life affects the performance and function of the Bluetooth.

Battery-The battery supply used in this device is powerful and it can be recharged after every use. The battery is durable and is of high quality. At constant use, the maximum battery life of the device is about 11 hours. A high-quality Lithium-ion battery is generally used as it offers high power. The battery level in this device is indicated with the help of the LED lights.

Color Variation And Tags-The images viewed through iBobbler app have various color coding and these color codings are about the size of the fist. The color coding also contains tags and in these tags, the depth of the fishes are determined accurately. These functions are coded within the app and with these features, even the beginners can start fishing easily and effectively.

GPS-The another important technology of the iBobber is the GPS technology. The GPS technology acts along with a sports tagging interactive map. With this GPS, the fishermen can locate the device and the fishes in the area. The positioning systems report the user its position time to time and keep the device safe.

Contour Mapping-Contour mapping feature is also used in this device, which makes the fish finding device effective. This mapping compares the geographical map with the detected map, and detects the variations and informs it to the user. This technique allows the user to map the picks easily with the other one and thereby, it increases the performance of the fishermen.

Compact-The design of the iBobber device is very unique and it can be used in various places. This is a pocket fit device that can be placed even in the pockets for portability. Added to this, the device is designed to be water-resistant and lightweight. Since it is light in weight, these devices can also be used in various outdoor regions and even in the oceans.

Compatible-This device is compatible with both the iPhones and the android devices. But, they are applicable only to the upgraded versions of the android mobiles. The app is very simple and is easy to install. This app is a free app and can be downloaded easily from the stores. This app requires activation whenever the fishermen start fishing.

Fish And Strike Alarm-The iBobber fish finding devices also have a fish and strike alarm. This alarm is useful and it is operated with the help of a battery. Whenever the fishfinder detects the fish, it alerts the anglers with a beep sound. By this, the anglers get alerted to catch the fish faster with higher accuracy. This device also has a strike alarm too.

Display-The display of the app is very accurate because of the use of sonar technology. The app shows a colorful display as it uses smartphones for operation. Further, the depth of the fish is also accurately shown in the display so that the angler can reel out the spinning reel effectively.

Lunar Calendar App Functions-This device also has an inbuilt Lunar calendar app function and with this function, one can detect the variation in climatic changes in an advanced way. With this, the angler can safeguard himself from the harsh and harmful weather. This calendar also permits the fishermen or the angler to fish in a safe weather condition.

How To Use?

iBobber fishfinder can be used easily. Even the beginner can use this equipment with a higher accuracy and performance. This device is operated with the help of a bluetooth and iBobber app. This device is used widely in angling where the iBobber device is connected to the string on the device. After placing the device put the device in water for angling. Check for the connectivity on your mobile phone. The device Bluetooth will get connected to itself on the mobile phone.

Now, the various regions underneath the water will be recorded by the device and it will be transmitted to the angler. The angler can determine the depth of the fish and the type of the fish with the transmitted signals. After this, the anglers starts angling in a particular region and he can catch the type of the fish he deserved for fishing.

Additional Features

This is the best compact device used for fishing. Other than fishing, it also has various additional features such as the lunar calendar used for detecting the climatic conditions, temperature, wind speed, weather condition, etc.

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder

Key features: Sonar Technology, LED beacon, and GPS.

Pros: Low cost, lightweight and compact.


This product is useful and is affordable. An important drawback is that the mobile phones should be kept safe away from the water.


This is a useful fishfinder because it can be used effectively by all the persons. Even beginners can use this device with high performance. This device is compact and it is the smallest one of all the fishfinders so that the angler carries this even in their pockets. Further, the cost of this fishfinder is very low when compared to all the other types and models of the fishfinders. Apart from that, this product is durable and it can be used for a long time.

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