The Marcum is developing by manufacturing the various types of ice fishing sonar displays. It occupies the top position in the market. The Marcum lx 7 fish finder is built suitable for ice fishing. As it functions with sonar technology, it can identify the movement of fish under the ice. The large LCD display will give a clear image about the where the fishes are swimming.

marcum lx 7 review

Marcum LX 7 Review

The device helps to find the fish in the frozen water. It is being provided with the multiple features which make the users to catch the fish easily. The multi-dimensional sonar interface, gives the users, the maximum flexibility and helps to broadcast the happenings under the surface of the ice.

Best Features

It has certain remarkable features as follows.

LCD Display-It consists of an 8 inch LCD screen display and the readings are displayed on the LCD screen. The screen includes vertical zoom, flasher dial, and graph displays. Out of the four color palates, you can select the one which favors you.

Backlight-It consists of the backlight, which helps to illuminate in low-light conditions. To save the life of the battery, you can reduce the level of brightness. By reducing the backlight brightness up to 50 percent, you can extend the life of the battery for about 13 to 14 hours.

Battery-The device includes rechargeable 12volt battery and a charger cord. After charging the battery, you can use the fish finding device.

Technology-With the help of the sonar footprint technology, the device is used to track the fishing areas even at deeper heights and prevents the adjacent sonar users from picking the pulses to avoid the footprint area.


Sensor-As it is equipped with the temperature sensor, it is used to update the temperature of the area as the temperature varies from water to water.

Power-To turn on/off, press and hold the button, for 2 seconds. It operates with the pek to pek power of 4800 watts.

Auto Range-Switching the auto range to on position, you can start the fishing. Press the range button and it will open a window, which consist of 11 range options. Highlight the auto and press the menu button and the device will automatically lock the depth range.

Target Adjust-With the help of this feature, you can convert the size of the signal without increasing the sensitivity. Based on the angle, the signal’s size can be changed from a thin band to a thicker one. If you set the target adjust to “0”, it will produce a thin band. By increasing the level of the target adjust, it changes to the thick band.

How To Use The Device?

It can be mounted on the transom or on the trolling motor. It can be handled by both the beginners and by the experienced ones. In the screen, it displays the distance of the object. Through this, we can guess the areas where the fishes are swimming and catch the fish.

The transducer can perform well, both in a single beam, as well as, in a dual beam. The dual beam transducer provides two options of 8 degree or 20 degree cone angle. It is considered as the best one for ice fishing.


As it has an excellent battery life, the device can be used for long hours. The screen displays the images with high resolution and produces the magnified objects. So, you can view the images in a clear view.

Through advanced ice fishing technology, the users can detect the areas and catch it quickly without any delay. While considering the price of the product, it costs low when compared to other fish finders. It can be used either in day time or during night time.

Marcum LX 7

Key Features: Target adjust, auto range, zoom, latest technology.

Pros: Performs well in frozen water, gives a clear image, easy to use and assemble.


While in use, the screen freezes and make it difficult to identify the images on it. The water enters into the screen and causes damages to it. Inside the unit, the wires might be in a loose condition and requires tightening it before using the device.

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