Vexilar sonar phone is a high-quality fishfinder that is used for finding the fish lying under the water. This fishfinder is not equipped with the display and so, smartphones are used as a display unit for the sonar phones. The sonar phones are interfaced with the smartphones with the help of an app.

vexilar sonar phone review

The Vexilar Sonar phone is equipped with the high-quality sensors and these sensors sense the living organisms under the water. These sonar phones are most commonly used by the anglers so that they can perform angling efficiently. There are many features and advantages of this sonar phone. These features make Vexilar Sonar phone an useful product.

Vexilar Sonar Phone Review

The Vexilar Sonar phone is designed simple and easy with many features. They are compact and can be used with high efficiency and accuracy. Further, these small devices are light in weight and so, it can be used to carry it to any place, even in the pocket of the angler. This sonar phone interfaces with the mobile phones, with the help of the sonar imaging app. This app is efficient and it views the surrounding region of the fish with a higher efficiency and clarity.

Special Features

As mentioned above, the Vexilar Sonar phone is a useful device that has many important features. The sonar phones become effective with these features. The important features of the device are listed below.

Sonar Technology-This device has an inbuilt sonar technology, i.e. this device is operated by interfacing it with the smartphone, using the sonar technology. The interfacing does not require any cell phone coverage signal; the sonar phone transmits its own signals for interfacing the device with higher ability and capability.

Compatible-This device is interfaced with the smartphones with the help of an app facility. The common app used for interfacing is the sonar phone mobile app and this app is compatible with all the versions of android, except 1.0. Hence, this device is compatible with all the current smartphones, with android 2.0 and above.

The same software is also available for iOS systems and so, this device is compatible with the apple iPhones also. There are various free apps available for the android devices in the Google play store. Other than the sonar phone mobile app, Navonics app is also a useful app that is used for interfacing the device with the mobile system.

Ranging-This device is equipped with an automatic ranging feature by which, the device can switch its setting easily. This ranging technique is very useful and with this, the efficiency and performance of the angling increase. Added to this, the capability of determining the fishes under the water also increases to a greater extent.

WI-FI Transmitter-This device is coupled with a WI-FI transmitter and this transmitter is responsible for transmitting the signals to a greater extent. The WI-FI transmitter and receivers are effective and they provide fast transmission and reception of the signals, and so, the anglers can capture the fishes with a higher benefit.


Coverage Range-The coverage area of the WI-FI signals is about 90 yard and this may vary according to the battery and climatic conditions. Further, the coverage range of the sensors is about 120 feet deep into the water. Hence, the fishes within 120 feet can be easily identified and displayed on the screen.

Indicator-The Vexilar Sonar phone has various indicators and these indicators are used for alarming the user at various situations. The common indicators used within this device are the depth indicator and the water temperature indicator. The depth indicator is used for throwing the angling hook at the correct depth and the temperature indicator is used for determining the variation in the temperature.

Alarm-The alarms used in this sonar phone are the fish alarm, shallow alarm, and the low battery alarm. These alarms are designed with less sound that is audible and can make the angler alert. All the three alarms are used for increasing the efficiency of the device.

Sonar Phone Mobile App-This is an important app that is generally used for interfacing the device with the mobile phones for higher performance. This app is very useful as it displays the region with high accuracy. This app has the ability to create charts when you move down the water. This chart is referred as the sonar chart and this chart is created with higher details and maps with the water bed.

The mobile phone display is also effective in this device and this app can also be used for altering the setting of the transducer automatically with the variation in weather and in climatic conditions.

This app offers a multi-functional display with a variety of color codes and function. Further, this app is available in 17 languages and one can choose their language according to their preference.

How To Use?

The Vexilar Sonar phone is a compact device and it floats within the water. Using this device is simple; just tie the device in the string of the angling rod and throw the string in water. The app will be useful for viewing the transmitted signal of the device and with this; the fishes and their distance can be calculated. Then, by releasing the hook deep into the water, the angler can do fishing easily with a higher efficiency.

The performance of the entire system is high and even the beginners can use this device with higher efficiency and performance.


This Vexilar Sonar phone is equipped with a wireless T-transmitter box that can be connected to the boat. This box is used for locating the device and it can also be used for interfacing with the mobile phones. Further, this device uses a rechargeable battery for operation and the batteries can be recharged with the cable. There is also a storage space within the device.

Vexilar Sonar Phone

Key features: T-transmitter box, indicators, and alarms.

Pros: high coverage range, automatic ranging and compatible.


This device can be operated in various smartphones and tabs; but in tabs, the display screen is quite bigger than the small screen, and so, the display screen is also bigger. This may affect the performance of the angler to a greater extent.

Overall, this is a useful device and it can be afforded at a cheaper cost. This device can be interfaced with the mobile phones and the screens are displayed within the mobile phones. This device offers high performance and so, any angler and beginner can use this device with higher capability and efficiency.