Garmin 100 Fish Finder – Review

Garmin Echo 100 Fish Finder Review

The Garmin 100 Fish Finder device comes packed with lots of features, quality, and predefined specifications. While choosing the perfect fish finder, Garmin 100 fish finder device is the smart idea of purchasing. This fish finder unit is fully equipped with the lightweight components to keep track on the location of the group of fishes.

Garmin echo 100 Fish Finder Review

This compact fish finder device does not require much space throughout the boat and it perfectly suits anywhere on the setup. The device is perfect for tracing the group of fishes in the deep sea. This ideal fish finding device is affordable with a lower cost and it comes with a sturdy construction.

Garmin Echo 100 Fish Finder Review

The Garmin 100 Fish finder is strong enough to withstand water and the worst weather condition that damages the device. This four inch FSTN display unit provides the best resolution of 160 x 256 pixels to clearly display the images and other readings. The single beam transmitter emits a beam of 200 KHz frequency, which helps the fishermen to trace out the fishes at depth. Due to the compact size feature, it is easy to install anywhere and saves a lot of time.

What Are The Key Specs?

The important feature of this Garmin 100 Fish finder device is the target tracking technology. It displays the images in 8 grayscale level units. The HD fish targeting technology implemented in this device helps to figure out the group of fishes efficiently. The GPS antenna receiver helps to enhance the fish arch presentation with the bottom tracking technology over different areas.

It usually helps the fishermen to trace the location of the fish up to the depth of 600 feet in freshwater and 300 feet in the deep sea water. The powerful transducer is built with the mounting bracket to conveniently fix over the setup. This water resistive fish finding unit helps to locate the fish at a cone angle up to 60 degrees around the boat in deep water.

The tilt and swivel type of mounting helps the user to mount it anywhere in the boat and it operates at the power input of 28V supply unit. It efficiently alarms the user about the worst weather conditions and other natural disorders and maximizes the level of fish targeting with the water temperature sensing unit. It is also portable.

Garmin 100 Fish Finder

Key Features – GPS antenna receiver, 4 inch LCD display, high dimensional.

Pros –high-resolutionn imaging unit, less expensive, light weighted.

The Garmin 100 Fish Finder unit is one of the fabulous fish tracing equipments when compared to the other kinds of fish finding models.  I recommend this Garmin 100 fish finder device because of its durable nature and sturdy construction.

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