Garmin Echo 551dv Review

Echo 551dv is a kind of fish finding device  provided with the unique features to enhance the fishing experience. The latest technology helps in giving the clear image to the users. It provides the better sonar clarity and increased visibility.  It consists of one transducer, which provides both the down imaging, as well as, the  broadband sonar.

garmin echo 551dv review As it is made of the best quality materials, its performance is better when compared to the other products. It catches the prey within a few seconds without any delay.

Garmin Echo 551dv Review

The sonar beam can reach great depths to find out the fishing areas. It spreads its beam in the underwater and thus, the images are displayed on the screen. Further, it gives the distance of the target object. As soon as the user identify the place and start to hunt the fish, the user can collect a huge number of fishes within a few minutes.

Best Features Of The Product

It is provided with the special features to enhance the performance of the fish finding device. The unique features help the device to perform well.

Display-It consists of a 5-inch screen display with 480*640 pixel resolution. As it is a VGA color display, it gives a bright and clear image to the users. One can view the picture on the output, on the split screen, either in horizontal or in a vertical position. With the help of the split screen, you can view the two types of sonar simultaneously.

Ultra scroll-Even at the high speed of the boat, the user can track the areas where the fishes are swimming.

Adjustable Depth Line-This feature is used to indicate the depth of the target objects in the underwater.

Technology-With the help of the auto gain technology, the user can view the image of the fish clearly. It automatically adjusts the gain settings to minimize the clutter and to maximize the targets. Down Vu Technology is used to send and receive the sonar signals even at the deep portion of the water. Smooth scaling technology is used to give the smooth transition either in deep or in shallow water. So, it can move smoothly from deep to shallow water.

Water Speed-It helps to detect the speed of the water. So, you can drive your boat to the low-speed areas in the underwater.

Frequency-It operates at a frequency of 77/200khz.

Temperature Sensor-This feature is used to detect the temperature of the water. It updates the temperature of the water frequently in every few minutes gap.

A-scope-It is used to display when the fish passes through the transducer beam in the real time. So, immediately it detects the fish and displays on the screen.

Capacity-It can reach the maximum depth of about 330m. The capacity of the product is based on type, clarity, and sonar frequency.

Audio Alarm-The audio alarm is used to alert the fisherman. Thus, the person gets ready to catch the fish.

How To Use The Device?

The device has to be installed on the boat by the transom mount, trolling motor mount, and by tilt quick release mount. With the help of the menu option, you should change the settings of the device to view a clear image. You can view the image at any angle. The user can set the brightness, and adjust the depth line etc.

Mounting The Device

First of all, select the place of mounting the device. Hold the mounting template in that particular place. Then, mark the places and drill the holes in it by using a drilling machine.  Place the transducer together and add it to the mounting bracket. For more stability, add the silicon sealants on the holes. Just screw and adjust the position of the transducer.


It includes a tilt/swivel quick release mount, power cable, documentation, transom mount, transducer cable, and trolling motor mount.


It consists of a powerful sonar to detect the target areas of the fishes. The screen gives a clear image of the fishes and the objects can be viewed closer with the help of the zoom option. Further, the image can be viewed in a vertical and in vertical direction by the split screen feature. As it is made of the waterproof materials, no need to worry about dropping it in the water. It can be used in all weather conditions and in all kinds of waters like saltwater, fresh water, etc.

Garmin Echo 551dv

Key Features: temperature sensor, auto gain technology, Smooth scaling technology.

Pros: Gives clear image, easy to install.

Try using this device while fishing and share your views with us.

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