Garmin Echomap 50s Review

It is a kind of fish finding devices, which is provided with the specific features to catch the prey easily without taking much effort. The user doesn’t have to spend too much time on it to find out the areas where the fishes are wandering. Much scientific advancement is used to create the technologies, which are used to display the image of the fish.

garmin echomap 50s review

It suits in all types of water i.e. in saltwater, freshwater, etc. The capacity of the device is based on the type of water where the device is being used.

Garmin Echomap 50s Review

One can use it either in the daytime or during the night time as it is built in clear displays. The readings can be viewed even when it is exposed to the direct sunlight. Through wireless connectivity, one can connect the device to the smart phone or tablets.

Special Features

As it is provided with the high sensitivity GP, it can mark up to 5000 way points. Apart from this, the special features include,

Display- It consists of a large 5-inch color display through which one can detect the measurements even in direct sunlight.

Technology –As it is being equipped with the HD-Id technology, it is used to cleans the SONAR on the screen so that it helps in detecting the fishes very accurately. It has a built-in temperature sensor, which updates the temperature of the water and indicates the variations in it.

Transducer-It consists of a transom mount transducer, which helps to display the readings even at greater depths.

GPS System-The fish finder is equipped with the GPS and GLONASS receiver software. The device may refresh the GPS system, 10 times per second, to show the route to the users. When fishing in a big lake, the GPS system is used to spot the fishes.

Power-It runs on 200/77 kHz and transmit the power of 500W (RMS) and 4000W (peak to peak).

Capacity-The depth that the device can reach is based on the conditions of the specific area. In the case of freshwater, it can reach the depth of 1900 feet while in saltwater the capacity is up to 700 feet.

How The Device Is Used To Locate The Fish?

The Sonar system is specially designed to locate the areas of the fish. It uses the principle to transmit the sound pulses, which is used to calculate the distance of the fish inside the water. Sonar will send and receive the pulses many times in a single second. The transducer is used to display visually and to print the echoes.

Fish finding devices may find the fishes with the help of air in their swim bladders. It helps to transmit the reflected energy and display the image of fish on the screen. The device operates at a high frequency so that it can be used to define the targets.

How To Install The Device?

With a bait mount- The device can be assembled quickly on the boat. After installing the mounting bracket, one should connect the wiring harness, mount the transducer, and angler powers the units. First of all, select a suitable place, just mark it, and drill the holes in it. With the help of screws, secure the bail mount on the surface.

With swivel mount-Use the swivel base as a template and mark the position to make the holes in it. Route the cable in between the holes. Allow it to move freely and screw it by securing the swivel mount.

With flush mount-Adhere the template on where to place and use the jigsaw to cut the sides of the template and keep the rubber gasket at the back of it. Check that it correctly fits into it. On using the screws attach the bezel to its unit.


The simplest design of the product makes it easy to use. As the size of the product is small, you can install it on the bail mounts, flush mounts or on a transom. The VGA 5-inch screen displays a very clear image.


It comes with the portable kit in which we can hold the batteries and transducer, power data cable, flush mount kit, protective cover and carry case to hold the products.

Garmin echoMAP 50s

Key features: GPS system, latest technology, 5-inch color display screen.

Pros: find out the areas of fishing, Easy to use and install.


The device is not recommended for FLA fishing. While considering about the display of the unit, as it has a vertical layout, you may find the view of sonar in the narrow form. So, one can view the displays in a horizontal form rather than the vertical form.

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