Humminbird 110 Fishin Buddy Review

Humminbird is one of the most leading companies which earn more profit on manufacturing the fish finding devices in various models, colors, and structures. All of them are having unique features, through which it can perform well.  Humminbird 110 fishin buddy is a fish finding device of the Humminbird company, which delivers its best while detecting the target areas.

The product had occupied a separate place in the market. So, people prefer using the product. It is a great choice for most of the fisherman as it makes the job of the user easy.

Humminbird 110 Fishin Buddy Review

As it has an ergonomic clamp mount design, it can be mounted on anywhere. It won’t contain any rigging or wiring. The transducer; a part of the display, goes under the boat with an 180-degree angle. The adjustable clamp can be placed anywhere on the boat.

This device plays an important role in detecting the areas of the target fishes. It consists of many important features and technologies, which are used to improve the performance of the fish finding device.


Best Features

The following are the best features of the humminbird product.

Single Beam Sonar-The single beam sonar enters at a great depth into the sea and it can capture the target areas easily. Beyond these, it covers the large areas of water and helps in capturing more number of fishes.

Display-The image can be viewed in the 4-inch screen with a four color grayscale unit. With a high-resolution screen of 128*160 pixels, you can view the better quality of the image. With the help of the grayscale, the user can read the readings clearly.It consists of a LED backlight, which is used to view the image at the night time. By adjusting the backlight, the power of the battery can be saved and used for more hours.

Capacity-It can reach a depth of 240 feet. The device can catch the objects in the underground water including rocks, trees, etc. But, the device has the capacity to separate the fish from the other objects.

Side Imaging Sonar-As it consists of the side imaging sonar technology, it helps to give a clear image on the right and left sides of the screen.

Temperature Sensor-The device consists of a temperature sensor feature, which helps to update the temperature of the water.

Battery-It uses the alkaline batteries and it runs for about 10 hours. It varies based on the adjustment of the backlight brightness and temperature readings.

Waterproof-As the device is made of the waterproof materials, no problem occurs when the water touch the device. Also, it has a long life span.

How To Use The Product?

As the operation is simple, even the novice users can operate well without any  difficulty. It can be mounted on the back or front side of your boat, which is up to your wish. The user should adjust the settings of the device, in order to get the image with good quality. You can change the direction of the device regarding where to navigate by pressing the direction buttons. To navigate around the screen, you can press the three buttons.


It consists of a clear screen through which, one can view the superior display of the image. Thus, the user can identify the specific kind of fish. It helps in differentiating the bait fish from the game fish.

The weight of this fish finding device is less when compared to the others in the market. So, the user can carry it anywhere. It can be mounted on the kayaks, float tubes, small, and medium-sized boats. Also, it is easy to disassemble.

It costs low so that it comes with your budget. The device can be used in all light conditions. Even in low light conditions, it gives the bright image with the help of the backlight.

As the operations of the device seem to be easy, even the beginners can operate the device easily. Usually, this fish finding device works for 12-15 hours of time but, it may increase or decrease based on the backlight conditions and temperature readings.

Humminbird 110 Fishin Buddy

Key Features: Temperature sensor, four color grayscale unit, side imaging sonar, and waterproof.

Pros: clear image, all weather conditions, durable, easy to operate and assembled.


As the transducer is not flexible, the user will suffer to fix this fish finding device, in one suitable place, inside the water. Some customers feel that the life of the battery is poor when compared to the other fish finding devices.

By using the trolling motor on the clasps, it produces a lot of vibration and causes disturbance to the people. There may be a chance that the wobbling can cause a great damage to the vessels.

The major drawback of this fish finding device is that it doesn’t contain the GPS system. So, it can’t have preloaded maps of the coastal areas and lakes.

Do you own this fishfinder? write to us about the working efficiency.


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