Humminbird 561 Sonar Review

The Humminbird fishfinder is a powerful fishfinder with less cost. This fishfinder can be used suitably in both salt water and in normal water. This fishfinder is built with a black and white display and it also has many advantages.

humminbird 561 sonar review

This fishfinder is commonly used to find the fish within the lakes, ponds, rivers, etc., and this fish finder is durable with many advanced features and capabilities with it. This device is very useful and it can also be used by the beginners.

Humminbird 561 Sonar Review

The Humminbird 561 fishfinder is an advanced fishfinder with many advancements and features. This fishfinder finds the fishes in an accurate way and so, it can be used by all the person for higher efficiency. This fishfinder has an inbuilt black and white display with it. This display views the internal regions of the devices with higher clarity and accuracy.

This device is compact and affordable at low budget. It’s operated with the help of a highly durable and powerful battery with a long battery life. The working of this device is simple and it is also used for determining various functions and features of the device.

Special Features

This device has various special features and these features are effective and help to increase the capability of the device. The important special features of this device are listed below.

Down Imaging-The important and attractive feature of this device is the down imaging technique. This feature is very attractive and this feature is an important reason for the reputation of the device.  The down imaging techniques monitor the underneath region of the water and display these regions with high resolution.

Even the small branches under the water are displayed on the screen.  The depth of the entire system is also displayed on the screen and the depth of each fish is displayed separately on the screen.

Display-The display used in this device is black and white in color and this display is of high clarity. All the minute things underneath the water level are displayed in this display. The display is about 5-inches tall and the images are viewed with a resolution of 300x 300 pixels.

Since the display is colorless, it uses a 12-level grayscale to display the variations within the black and white colors. The display uses sonar technology for transmitting and receiving the signals. All the incoming signals to the display are viewed in the form of a 2D image instead of the 3D image.

Switch Fire Sonar-The next important advancement in this device is the use of the switch fire sonar. This sonar is very effective in determining the fishes beneath the water level. This sonar is operated in two modes, one is max mode and the other is the clear mode.

The clear mode modulates the incoming signal by eliminating all the minute disturbances within the signal. The max mode is of higher efficiency and it displays the entire signal without any modulation. Small branches of the system can be detected easily with this device.

Transducer-The transducer is a device used for converting one form of signal to another form of signal. In Humminbird 561, the transducer is used for converting the captured image signals and it is also used for transmitting these image signals to the receiver.

The receiver is the display unit and it also has a transducer for converting the signal suitable for viewing. The transducer displays the transmitted images without any loss and thereby, ensures high clarity of the displayed images.

Selective Fish Identification-Selective fish identification is also an important feature of this device and with this feature; the angler can identify the type of fishes crossing a particular region within the area. With this feature, the angler can select and catch the fish of their interest easily with high efficiency.  The main reason for the selective fish identification is  the quality and clarity of the device.

Split Screen-The display in this device displays the incoming signals on two different screens. These screens are based on the two modes of operation of the switch fire sensor. The displayed screens are also of higher clarity and this device also offers zooming phenomenon with this sensor.


The design of this device is simple and durable. This device resists water to a particular extent and can be used both in the salt water and fresh water. The coverage range of this device is about 850 meters and it can be used for detecting all the things beneath the water. This device is designed lightweight and hence, it can be taken everywhere. But once fixed in a boat, the portability of the device is less. Some anglers mount the device with the help of a screw and so, they do not offer portability.

How To Use?

This device is very simple and it can be used easily. It can be generally mounted in any places within the boat so that the anglers can see this device easily without any loss in their fishing. This device has a transmitter and a receiver with inbuilt sonar technology.

The transmitter is generally mounted beneath the ship and it has a high coverage area. The signals from the coverage area are received by the Humminbird 561 monitor and it displays the underlying region with high clarity. This process helps the anglers for various types of fishing.


This device is equipped with various accessories such as the mount. The mount is used for mounting the Humminbird 561 display unit in a perfect location. This region can be mounted without any loss thereby, increasing the efficiency of fishing. The transducer is also mounted beneath the ship with a transducer mount.

Humminbird 561 Black And White Sonar Fishfinder

Key Features: Split screen, 850-meter coverage, and switch fire sonar.

Pros: High clarity, easy to use and down imaging.


This device is powerful and several cons equipped with this device are the speed chart, improper screen shielding, and difficult installation.


The Humminbird 561 fishfinder is a user-friendly device. They are effective and can be used even by the beginners. The display is of high clarity and so, the users can use this fishfinder even for identifying the fishes beneath the water.

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