Humminbird 597ci HD DI Review

If you are looking for a reliable and quiet Fish Finder for your fishing activities, then the Humminbird 597ci HD DI Fish Finder is the ideal choice for you.

The Humminbird Fish Finder 597ci HD Combo comes with a full-color display, 5 inches wide with square 640 x 640-pixel resolution, and it provides clear visibility even on a bright, sunny day with LED backlight feature. Its capabilities are impressive, making it one of the best devices currently available on the fish finder market.


This Humminbird 597ci Fish Finder is specially designed with an advanced HD type five-inch LCD display that gives the high range of image resolution. This fish detector includes a traditional sounder unit with a high-frequency transducer that allows the user to run the device at 4000W output power.

The Humminbird 597ci is equipped with a Featured LED backlight unit that is ideal for emergencies when fishing. The dual-beam sonar unit is integrated with the Down Imaging technology, which operates the device at high-power output power.

This Fish Finder comes with a GPS, which lets you know where to fish without too much stress on your part, and it is indeed a big deviation from the traditional fishing line and hook. One of the incredible features of this device is that the screen can be easily zoomed in and out. Moreover, it also has a chart plot that provides high-resolution images.


  • Easy to operate
  • Great contrast display
  • Solid mount for easy installation
  • Good waypoint markers


  • GPS is less accurate on windy climates

Specific Features


The 597ci comes per standard with the 5-inch screen, which is perfect with similar units. Screen resolution is where it can make a significant difference. Similar devices have a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels. The 597ci manages one of the 640 x 640, which gets the available detail pretty neat to the eye.

The available color palettes are also excellent with the display screen 256 colors on the screen, allowing you to easily distinguish the features beneath you in the body of water. The unit’s ability to differentiate between structures, objects and fishes illuminates the screen, often providing you with a multi-purpose viewing angle to look at the distracting position.

The unit is split-screen, one side may be dedicated to traditional 2D sonar measurements, and the other side is given to the DownScan imaging capabilities. Both are clearly on the screen, and one can easily upgrade this unit to show off its skills genuinely.

Sonar Capabilities

The unit sonar capabilities are impressive as well, and the frequency operates at speeds of 200 kHz, making it ideal for shallow to medium depth fishing. The unit gives both clear and detailed information for catches and structures. The device operates at both 20 and 60 degrees, which allows you to cover a wide range of water below.

The device runs at 455 to 800 kHz for DownScan imaging and is a highly-implemented feature in high-end fish finders. Downscan imaging enables you to take snapshots of water as you travel, slowly making piece by piece a window into the world below your feet. So, you can use it to identify critical features, fish species, and in-depth readings when combined with traditional sonar.

This unit has Fish ID+, which uses the sonar capabilities found on the device to detect relative sizes of fish. It is read through one of three symbols associated with the fish scale and then displayed on the screen, which allows you to determine if the capture below is worth your time or not.

Water-Activated Transducer

This Humminbird 597ci Fish finder unit includes a traditional sounder unit with a high-frequency transducer that allows the user to run the device at 4000 W output power. The transducer’s accuracy rate delivers a wide range of beam up to 60 degrees in and around the boat. The chart plot unit features a high-resolution imaging feature for capturing fish location with 4000 W dual-beam sonar output power.

This device continuously provides updated information about the exact location of the fish soon. You can also get a LakeMaster upgrade or any other HD Lake Chart Packs, which have more functionality than the basic UniMap preloaded on the device.

Internal GPS Locator

The GPS locator is exceptionally accurate and can be used in combination with many features to ensure you get instant results. The locator is built into a less invasive unit, which is generally powerful enough to suit your fishing needs. However, the slightly larger antenna can be beneficial in reducing load times when zooming in and out on maps.

For example, one of these features is the internal Humminbird UniMaps that come with the unit, which allows you to record some critical locations for fish within the bodies of water you already have. It saves you valuable time, and the alarm sounds to inform you of your arrival at the previous destination, which is incredibly beneficial.

Waypoint tracker

The waypoint tracker feature can be used in conjunction with built-in maps to plan a detailed journey through the water you visit. It enables you to save up to 50 routes at any time, up to 2,000 waypoints to choose from, ensuring that you make the proper trip each time. You can also use this device to plan 20,000 points to further your travels.

Other Features

Some additional features make the 597ci easier to work with and more enjoyable. First, the split-screen zoom feature that significantly improves the resolution of the display. Following that, there is TrueArch Innovation, which uses sonar data to eliminate hassles, interruptions, and reveal unique sonar returns that provide you with accurate information on the target.

As Down Imaging name suggests, instead of looking behind, in front, or side of the boat, you can clearly see and observe what is happening under the boat. So, with the fantastic 5i-inch LED monitor, you can see everything under your boat with impressive details.

The 597ci Switchfire technology is another feature of the Humminbird, which was developed to regulate the screen while fishing in shallow water. The SwitchFire Clear mode automatically reduces sensitivity and cleans the view for a better fishing experience in shallow waters. However, at a depth of more than 10 feet, you should select the MAX mode to ensure that you do not miss any significant targets.

One feature that you don’t usually see on a device nowadays is the ability to record images. However, the Humminbird 597ci HD does it with an SD memory card. The more unusual functionality of the 597ci is its ability to adjust the manual depth underneath that time. By doing this, you can optimize your screen area to match the accurate depth of water accurately.

The Humminbird 597ci HD Finder package comes with a quick-release two-directional mounting bracket, which means the display can be easily removed to store when not in use. The bracket rotates and tilts to optimize viewing angles of the display screen.

To mount a panel on the display unit, you must purchase an optional kit. It is also essential to discuss the power of the device. It produces an output power of up to 300 W and can display both standard 2D images with down imaging displays.

Key Features

  • Built-in GPS and GPS speed indicator
  • SwitchFire sonar technology
  • 2D and Down Imaging
  • Split-screen zoom
  • Real-time sonar

Final words:

The Humminbird 597ci HD DI Fish Finder enables you to catch a wide variety of fish in a fraction of seconds, which is considered the best solution for most fishers who are disturbed by low-advance and poor-quality equipment.

Utilize features such as the unit’s massive 4000 watts PTP power output on the DualBeam Switchfire Sonar, which provides a 60-degree beam, more accurate 20-degree beam, and down-imaging for viewing under your boat.

The 597ci HD is an excellent kit and is worth considering if you are looking for an adaptive, functional fish finder with excellent screen resolution and high sonar qualities. We hope that you found this Humminbird 597ci HD DI Fish Finder Review is useful.

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