Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo Review

If you are looking for a premium fish finder in the market, then the Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo fish finder is a perfect choice.

The Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo Fish Finder is commonly referred to as a high-tech fish finder, which has a variety of essential functions and features. This device is durable and is used in the boat with the help of the mount. It is an incredibly advanced unit towards the top of the Humminbird range, with fantastic features attached to it. It features a large colorful display unit operated with the help of transducer signals.


The Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo Fish Finder is equipped with a 360-degree imaging feature, which is useful and gives excellent results when angled. This imaging has 5 presets, and it can be used to view the entire event under the water, at all angles and directions.

This unit is equipped with a sonar unit that can be scanned at 2 frequencies, which are 83 kHz and 200 kHz, depending on what you want to scan. Due to the high quality of the unit, there is very little interference in sonar scans, and it has a scanning arc of 200 kHz at 20 degrees and 60 degrees at 83 kHz.

There are many features built into the sonar unit so that you get the best picture possible. It includes a range of screen modes that can improve your scan detail or range from clear mode to max mode. The depth of readability of the unit should also be noted, as it can scan up to 1,500 feet, making it ideal for any water body you travel.


  • Robust
  • Easy to set up
  • Crystal clear screen
  • Excellent sonar scanning abilities


  • The initial setup is little technical

Specific Features

As mentioned above, it is a high-tech device with many innovative features and technologies. The specific features of this device are given below.


The Most significant feature of the system is the display, which is used to view images captured by the transducer. The screen used in the Humminbird 798ci HD SI Fish Finder is a multicolor display that provides bright and crystal-clear images for easy viewing.

With three soft key preset buttons on your Humminbird 798ci, you can create multiple shots with GPS / Side Imaging, Side Imaging / Sonar, GPS / Sonar, or more. It is easily customizable for the ease of operation. Even though the screen is 5, the detail is still incredible and will give you more than your money’s worth.

The scene is prominent, and it helps the angler to find the type of fish that lies beneath the water. The display is made up of LEDs to shows various features with sonar images. The resolution of the screen is about 640 × 640 pixels, and the height is approximately 5 inches.

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a high-priced fish finder, consider the 798ci screen large enough to handle all fishing duties.


The transducer is an excellent unit and does its job entirely compared to most high-end Humminbird products. It reads incredibly well underwater thermoclines and makes them look very accurate on the screen, all of which make for a high image to enrich your catch. It can be applied to your transplant or the interior of your hull, which all depends on where you have space.

Side Imaging Sonar

Side imaging in Humminbird 798ci is one of the most significant technological advancements since the arrival of a combo GPS / sonar. Humminbird developed side-imaging in the medium 2000s, and it captures what’s under the surface of the water that many fishers have always wanted.

With the help of this sonar, you can easily find the location of the boat, the water column, the flat, descending and rising terrain, the fallen log, the standing tree, etc. It effectively captures all these images and shows them to Angler in the boat.

This fish finder can show you amazing details on the bottom and left side of the boat, up to 240 inches wide with Side Imaging on your Humminbird 798ci. You can go through them with the Humminbird 798ci and get a more unobstructed view of what’s really down there. You can even identify fish within the structure that travel around your favorite fishing holes and learn what lies beneath.

Down Side Imaging

If you thought Side Imaging was excellent on the Humminbird 798ci HD SI, now they have come out with Down Imaging. Down imaging creates “snapshots” when emitting super thin slices of high-frequency sound waves. It offers the ability to see with a side view, even if you go over it.

Down imaging sonar is an excellent sonar that can be used to look at the inner portions of the water with greater efficiency. This sonar is mainly used to determine the fishes and the various disturbances beneath the ground. Therefore, it can be used to increase the efficiency of fishing. The coverage range of this sonar is about 100 meters.

If you enable narrow mode, it analyzes revenue to verify the status of echoes to make sure that the Down Imaging only shows you the structure and function below, not to one side or the other. It is a tool that any new or experienced fisherman should keep in their arsenal.


SwitchFire Technology is an innovative model that is commonly found in Humminbird devices. The SwitchFire sonar modes allow you to adjust the screen view to fishing conditions. This technology enables two display modes within the device, and the one mode is Max Mode, the other is Clear Mode.

The device is powered by inbuilt sonar technology. The two display models are useful, and you can add or remove any details as per the user’s convenience. This technology adds a new dimension to 2D fish detection technology.

Max Mode

In Max Mode, Sonar returns surprisingly extensively from the screen in incredible detail. You will find the smallest surface material for complete underwater protection. The Max Mode provides so much information on the screen, which is difficult for an inexperienced user to understand what they see on the screen. When looking for baitfish in your Fish Finder or other small structure, you may want to use Max Mode.

Clear Mode

In Clear mode, Time Variable Gain software (TVG) only displays fish and structure that filters through sonar returns, which is ideal for fishing in shallow and hard water or to reduce unwanted clutter in the water column. The clear mode is beneficial for the new user of the Hummingbird 798ci Fish Finder or for those who have a hard time explaining what they see on the sonar screen. This feature can be helpful when traveling fast in hunting fish schools.

GPS Capabilities

There is a precise built-in GPS antenna to suit your needs so that you can install an internal one on the unit. This GPS can be used in conjunction with the built-in UniMap of US waterways and coastlines to get this incredibly powerful navigation equipment, and it also has a 3D chart tool.

The device is capable of navigating routes and plotting the Waypoint compared to other devices. Once the preferred way is selected, you can get backtrack as many points as you want. There are 50 different routes and over 20,000 routes that can be saved, giving you a more comprehensive view of your waterways both regionally and nationally.

This device is further built with an internal GPS system with various features. And, the GPS system is beneficial, and it can quickly determine the status of the device. This system stores the recorded information in the storage space, which is intended for later use.

How to Use?

The Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo fish finder is straightforward to use and can be used with high efficiency even at the beginning. This device has both a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter system is beneficial, and it is connected to the sonar, whereas the receiver system is connected to the display.

It is a wireless device that can transmit and receive signals effectively. The transmitter is fitted to the boat’s lower end, and the receiver is placed in any available part within the boat. Also, any changes or variations can be controlled with various switches and options within the receiver unit.


  • Display: 640V x 640H; 5″ Diagonal, 256 Colors TFT
  • Operating Frequency(s): 455 kHz, 83 kHz & 200 kHz
  • Transducer Coverage(s): 180°, 60° & 20° @ -10db
  • Tracks/Points: 50 Tracks with 20,000 Points Each
  • Unit Size Installed (Gimbal): 6.9” W X 7.7” H X 4.5” D
  • Unit Size Installed (In-dash): 6.9” W X 5.4” H X 1.25” D
  • Communication: NMEA 0183 Input/output
  • DualBeam PLUS: 1500’ 83kHz
  • Side Imaging; 150’ down, 240’ each side
  • Target Separation: 2 1/2 inches
  • Power Input: 10-20 VDC
  • Power Output: 4000 Watts
  • Peak-to-Peak: 500 Watts RMS
  • Waypoints: 3000 Waypoints
  • Routes: 50 Routes

Final words

The Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo is one of the high-tech new generation fish finders in the market and can be used by everyone around the world for greater efficiency. It combines some of the best features in the Humminbird range with high use and ensures that you can spot and catch fish at any time.

This device comes with a reasonable price and a high screen, which is suitable for the fully experienced to somewhat experienced anglers. Furthermore, the device can be operated with the help of a battery, and therefore, it can be used durable on many weather conditions.

We hope that the Hummingbird 798ci HD SI Fish Finder Review will be helpful to know the features and information about this device and choose it.

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