Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo Review

The Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo review features an advanced fish finder of the Humminbird brand with GPS functionality. This product is designed with various technologies for finding the fish effectively. With this device, the angler can easily identify the type of the fish sailing under the water.

This device can be used for various types of fishing such as ocean fishing, kayaking, deep water fishing, ice fishing etc. This device is operated with the help of a battery and is mounted in the boat for easy fishing.

Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo Review

The Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo fish finder consists of a high-quality display that can display all the detail lying beneath the water. This fish finder has an HD screen quality with higher resolution. This device has both down imaging and side imaging feature. It is fixed to the boat with the help of the mount. The angler can use this device durable, in any places for fishing. This device can withstand both in saltwater and freshwater. Further, these devices are equipped with many advanced and innovative features.

Special Features

The Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo fish finder is equipped with many innovative and useful technologies. These features are powerful and they increase the performance of fishing for angling. The important features of this device are given below.

360 Degree Imaging-This device is equipped with a high-quality 360-degree imaging service. This technology is effective and it improves the level of fishing experience. It views the captured region with high quality and it also has the 5 preset views. These preset views are used for displaying the things all around the boat.


Side Imaging Sonar-The side imaging sonar is an effective sonar that is used for viewing the entire thing and the objects that are on the sides of the display area. With this sonar, you can easily see all the hidden regions and areas, with higher clarity. Generally, this device is used for viewing the boat location, water column, bottom profile, flat and rising terrain, fallen log, and timber within the water. By identifying these features, the angler can avoid various hazards.

Down Imaging Sonar-The down imaging is an important technique that is found commonly in many fish finders. This sonar is used for viewing the entire devices that lie within the bottom of the device. This sonar is responsible for finding the fishes that are within the coverage area. Added to this, the sonar can also be used for viewing the reefs, timbers, brush, bridge, piling, rocks etc., By determining these things, the angler can avoid various damages to them and to their boats.

Switch Fire-The switch fire is a technology generally used in all the hummingbird devices. This technology is effective and this technology is operated in two different modes. These two display modes are effective and the modes can be varied with a single switch. The two display modes can be compared and the underlying fishes and the obstacles can be determined with higher efficiency and functionality.

Dual Beam Technology-Added to the dual sonar used in the device, dual beams are also used along with this sonar. These beams are used for obtaining high coverage area within the device. The two beans used in these devices are the narrow beams and the wide beams. The narrow beams are used for high accuracy returns and bottom area coverage and the wide beams are mainly used for the large search area.

GPS System-A highly sensitive GPS system is also equipped with this device and this system is effective and yields higher results when compared to the other types of hummingbird devices. A GPS antenna is used in the device and it is fixed to the head unit. The GPS sensor locates the exact location within few seconds and plots the location on the chart.

Storage Area-This device also has a dual storage space within the device. Both the storage spaces use SD cards and these SD cards can be operated with high accuracy and efficiency within the device. One slot of the SD storage is used for cartography and the other storage device is used for saving screenshots, sonar readings, and waypoints.

Display-High definition LED display is used in this device and this display is of high quality and efficiency. There are various advantages and uses with this display. It is made up of bright LED and this feature can be used for viewing the display in bright sunlight. Added to this, the display is multi-colored and it views the images at a pixel range of 480×800 pixels.

Contourxd Cartography-The cartography is used in this device for displaying various routes and maps of, lakes and rivers, present in the US. With this map, the angler can move to any place in the river with higher safety. Almost 3000 lake map of US is imprinted in this device.

Other Features

There are various other features equipped with this device. These other features are effective and they can be used for yielding better results to the users. Some other features of this device are the Ethernet facility, radar imaging, AIS technology, NMEA for boat performance etc.

How To Use?

Using Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo fish finder is very easy, compared to the other conventional fish finders. This device has a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter contains sonar and so, it is fixed beneath the boat. This captures the images and transmits it to the receiver; the receiver contains a display and it can be used for various important and improved performances.

Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo

Key features: HD display, Cartography, and Dual storage space.

Pros: Durable, easy to operate and high performance.


Though this device is designed with many advanced features, there are few cons with this device. The circuit installation and the problems with this device are highly complicated. Further, the low battery mode of the device lasts for only 2 hours. This model is highly expensive than various other conventional models of the device.

Final Words

This device is a useful device for the anglers and it can be used suitable in both salt and fresh water. The display used in the device is powerful and the angler can catch the fish of their own interest. This device is made up of high-quality materials and the device is durable too. It offers high performance and can be used easily by the beginners.

So, try this fish finder and share your views with your friends so that it would help them too.


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