Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140c Review

Humminbird is a leading brand, manufacturing the best quality fish finding devices. As it consists of many special features, it performs better than others. It consists of the technology of down and side looking sonar, which play a major role in viewing the objects clearly from the side and under portions of the boat. The device suits for all water and weather conditions. Read the Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140c Review below to know more.

Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140c Review

This device is used to find the areas of the target objects. On using the sonar beam, the device can spread it waves and has the capacity to reach the deeper areas, to detect the areas where the fishes are wandering. Thus, you can notice the object on the screen. The main thing to consider about the product is that it has the capacity to distinguish the bait fish from the game fish.


It consists of many unique features, which help the product rank as the best one.

Display-It consists of a 4-inch screen through which, you can view the better image. The picture has the resolution with pixels of about 240*160. It displays colors in 8 level gray scales, to give the best quality image to the users.

Battery-It runs on 140c battery power and requires 6*AA batteries. With the help of  the battery, you can use the device for almost 25-30 hours of time.

Power-When the device produces more output power, it helps to improve the performance of the product. It is operated by the 1000 watts peak to peak output.


Backlight-On using the backlight, one can view the better image of the object. You can adjust the brightness of the backlight, to save the power of the battery. By saving the power of the battery, the user can use it for more hours.

Capacity-It can be operated at both 200 kHz and 455 kHz. The single unit sonar beam can reach the depth of about 240 feet. As the radius is 120 feet, it can cover more areas on the underwater and can collect many numbers of fishes. Also, it can reach the left and side portions of the boat.

Temperature Sensor-This fish finding device can detect the temperature of the water and update it to the user, frequently without fail.

Built-in Transducer-The tube of the built-in transducer is 24-inch long and thus, it can work well in any kind of boat. The bottom portions of the tube reach the under water. It emits a high frequency and so, the user can view better image of the picture. As the transducer is in flexible form, you can tilt, twist or turn the transducer in any form.

Where Should The Device Be Mount?

This fish finding device has to be mounted on the small boat, kayak, or in the yacht. The user can place it in the float tube by using the special strap. With an ergonomic clamp mount design, the user can mount the object anywhere.

How To Use The Device?

We can navigate easily through the screen by pressing the large sized buttons. Once you start using the device, just press the turn on button. Then, adjust the settings in it. On adjusting the backlight, you can save the life of the battery.

The wattage rating enables the user to know whether the fish is present in the shallow or in the deeper portions off the water. They can view the movement of the fish to know if they are silent, active or inactive. As the user moves on the boat, they can identify the distance of the target objects.


It includes the fishing buddy display unit, mounting pole, transducer, mounting clamp, owner’s manual.


It provides the image with good resolution. Thus, you can view the better picture in the screen. As it consists of the colored screen, one can view the readings easily. Even when exposed to the direct sunlight, you can see the image clearly.

As this fish finding device weigh less, it can be carried easily from one place to another place without any risk. It can be used in all light conditions. Even during night time, you can use the device. As the backlight gives better illumination, you can view the objects clearly in the night time.

The fisherman does not have to take much effort to catch the fish. They can do this job without any difficulty. At the same time, the user can save their valuable time by spending a less amount of time in catching the prey.

Also, the materials of this fish finding device are made of the waterproof materials and hence, there will be no problem occuring even when the water sprinkle on it.

The operation of this fish finding device is very easy.  Even the novice users can easily learn the operations of the device.

Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140c

Key features: Temperature sensor, LED backlight, LCD display screen.

Pros: provides a clear image, covers the wide area, portable.


The cost of this device costs expensive than the other types.  Sometimes, the life of the battery may vary. It is based on the adjustment of the backlight and temperature reading. It lacks the important features like GPS and chart-plotting.  As it consists of the basic fish finding features, it is not suitable for anglers looking.

Some of the latest technologies are provided for it to operate well. If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.


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