Humminbird ICE 35 Review

The Humminbird ICE-35 fish flasher is a traditional fishfinder with many attractive features. This fish flasher is a powerful one with a LED display unit. The LED lights are generally used for displaying the number of fishes in a particular region. This device can be used suitably for both the conventional and the traditional fishing method.

humminbird ice 35 review

This fish flasher has a simple traditional design with new technology in it. The cost of this product is very less and it is commonly used in both fresh water and salt waters. Mostly, anglers and fishermen use this device to locate the regions with a lot of fishes.

Humminbird ICE 35 Review

The Humminbird ICE 35 fish flasher is an advanced fishfinder equipped with various trending features and uses. The design and the use of this fishfinder are similar to that of the traditional fish flasher and this device is commonly used by the traditional persons.

Beginners require some special practice and training before using this fish flasher. Added to this, the device is compact and it can be used in any weather condition and climatic situations. This device also has the inbuilt sonar technology and is commonly used for ice fishing and various other fishing methods and types.

Special Features

The important features of the Humminbird ICE-35 fish flasher are listed below.

Display-The Humminbird ICE-35 fish flasher has a three colored display. The display is made up of LED’s and this LED’s constitute the fiber optic display within the devices. With this fiber optic display, one can easily find the fishes and the depth of the fishes easily.

The accuracy of the LED is very high and this is responsible for the performance of the angler. These LED’s are used in the flashing stage for determining the depth of the fishes exactly with high performance.

3-Color LED-The LED’s used in the display unit is of three different colors; green, orange, and red. The LED’s are connected along with the depth scale and these LED blinks as the fish enters into their coverage area and flashes exactly in the disk with correct depth. The three LED’s are durable and they ensure high performance within the device.

Power-The input power to this device is very high and it is about 800 Watt. This high input power is responsible for the high output power of the device. This high output power activates the beneficial functions of the device. The device can work faster and it can also be used for recording minute things within the sea. Even the smaller targets can be displayed on the screen with less noise and with high accuracy in the depth.

Transducer-The next important component of Humminbird ICE 35 fish flasher is the transducer. There are two transducers with this device; they are the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter is suspended beneath the water in any cold region. The fishes living under the cold region gets trapped by the signals from this transmitter and these electrical signals are converted to sound signal.

In the receiver transducer, the sound signals are decoded and converted back to the electrical signal to locate the LED back to the respected region. For obtaining accurate transducer detection, the transducer should be immersed well inside the cold water.

Switch Pad-This device is equipped with the switch pad that contains 4 buttons in it. These 4 buttons have various uses and advantages such as noise, zoom, gain, and beam selection. The noise switch is used for tuning the signal with which the interference within the sound signals gets reduced. The zoom button is used for focusing a particular region.

The gain button is used for increasing the gain and performance of the device whereas, the beam selection option is used for choosing the beam from the sensor. Either a high-frequency beam or a low-frequency beam can be selected with this switch pad. The switch pad also offers finite tuning capacity with it.

Battery-This device is operated with the help of the highly powerful 12-volt battery that has many important uses and advantages. This battery is effective and is rechargeable. This battery offers the necessary input power for the device and for the LED’s to operate. This battery is durable and it can be used for a long time.

How To Use?

The design of the Humminbird ICE 35 fish flasher is quite different from the traditional fish flasher. Using this device is completely similar to that of the conventional fish flasher. The beginners require some training for operating this device. As mentioned above, this device is operated with the sonar technology with a transmitter and a receiver.

The transmitter captures signals and transmits them to the receiver whereas, the receiver reads the incoming signal and displays the reading according to the deviation in the signal. These readings are displayed along the depth disk and hence, fishermen use this device for efficient fishing.


This is an exceptive ice fish finder product that can be used in various climatic conditions. This product is generally used along with the stand and cables. The cables are used for recharging the batteries whereas, the stand is used for mounting the device so that the angler can perform his work with higher efficiency and capability.

Humminbird ICE-35 Three Color Flasher

Key Features: 3-color LED, depth disc, and transducers.

Pros: high accuracy, powerful and high-quality.


One of the important drawbacks of this fishfinder is the noise. This device is considered to be noisy for using it in a calmer environment. Further, this device satisfies the basic features of a fishfinder.

Final Words

This fishfinder is one of the best-suited devices for traditional anglers and it detects the fishes effectively in any region and at various temperatures. This device is specially designed for Polar Regions and in the regions covered with ice.  This device detects the fishes with high accuracy.

So if you are living in regions covered with ice, then try this fish flasher and share your views in the box given below.


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