Humminbird Piranhamax 143 Review

Humminbird piranhamax 143 is considered as one of the most basic fish finders from Humminbird. This device has to be attached to your boat and it is used to find out the depth of the sea, fish, and the temperature of the water. Its design makes the product perform well.

humminbird piranhamax 143 review

It suits both the beginners, as well as, the experienced ones as it is provided with the latest technology. It plays a significant role in finding the areas of the fish and is the best fish finding device available in the today’s market.

Humminbird Piranhamax 143 Review

Humminbird Piranhamax 143 is a kind of fish finder, which is used to detect the areas of fish under the water. It is provided with a transducer and a control head.  The main job of the transducer is to transform the electrical energy into the sound waves.  You can keep the transducer at the internal section of the fiberglass hull boat or transom. The control head is mounted on one suitable place, where you can view it and access it properly.

What Are The Best Features?

The following are the best features of this device.

Display- It provides the best grayscale with four levels of 160V*128H, which displays the clear view of the image and it can reach the depth of 600 feet.  With the help of the grayscale, you can easily separate the pixels. So, the images are clearly seen on the 4-inch screen. The high-quality image can be seen in the 400*800 wide resolution screens.

Backlight- Further, it is fitted with a backlight, which is used to increase the illumination in low light conditions.

Power and Frequency- It has 100 watts (RMS) and 800 watts (PTP) output of power and comes with the single sonar beam with a frequency of 200 khz. The dual beam sonar gives a good coverage to the portions under the sea and an accurate image with good clarity. Also, it can reach up to 1500 feet depth.

Ease of use- It can be fitted easily in the boat as it has rounded edges, adjustable screen, and large buttons. Even the beginners can install it within few minutes. As it consists of the tilt mechanism, the fish finder can be used in different positions to catch their prey.

Temperate sensor- The fish can be detected with the help of the temperature of the water as it is provided with the temperature display. It continuously updates the temperature of the water. While traveling on the boat, the waypoints are being marked and it helps to view the track.

How To Use It?

Initially, place the product on the boat and adjust the interface by customizing colors and view selections. By using the X-press menu system, you can switch over to different features, which you use often. The user can use the programmable buttons to save the favorite views of the image. To see the clear image of the object, you can increase the PTP power of the transducer.

How To Install The Device On The Boat?

First of all, you should select the suitable place for the device on the boat. To keep the transducer, place and hold the mounting template. Mark the positions and make holes on the transom with the help of a drilling machine. Place the transducer together and add it to the mounting bracket.

For more stability, add the silicon sealants on the holes. Just screw and adjust the position of the transducer. Place the cable on either side of the channel to run the transducer to the control head. After installing the fish finder just put it into the water and see whether it is working or not. If it works, you can use the fish finder simulator.


It includes accessories like down imaging transducer, mounting hardware, transducer adapter, and cable.


It can be easily installed on the boat to find the areas of the fish. The device can be operated without any difficulty. No problem or confusion occurs while taking the readings. Even when exposed to the direct sunlight, you can view the measurements clearly. By having grayscale, it displays the images clearly. The body of the fish finder is made of the waterproof materials so that it can tolerate all kinds of environment. It has the capacity to detect the fish in deeper areas.

Humminbird PiranhaMAX 143

Key features: Waterproof, 4 level gray scale display, side and down image technology.

Pros: gives the clear image, withstand in all environments, Easy to use and assembled.


As it can reach the depth of 600 feet, it sometimes flaws the single sonar beam. While detecting the particular species of a  fish, the sensors seem to be very critical to perform.

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