iBobber Review- A Wireless Smart Fish finder

Reelsonar is an American company whose single purpose is to provide high-quality fishing products. It also meets the needs of the customer and is the creator of the iBobber Fish Finder. In addition to fishing products, they also manufacture multiple tool pliers and digital scales.

If you want to buy a fish finder that is easy to set up with the most innovative technology, the Reelsonor Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder is the best option.


iBobber Fish Finder is an affordable Bluetooth connected device with many impressive features and can be accessed by a smartphone and used as an application to interface the device with the smartphone.

The iBobber is designed for greater portability and high flexibility so that this device can be carried with Angels anywhere; also, they can increase their skill level. The device is widely used for kayak fishing, marine fishing, ice fishing, rock and ship fishing. It is also used to detect fishes and their surrounding areas with high accuracy and efficiency.

The iBobber is a very versatile smart device that connects quickly to phones through the app and takes just a few seconds to sense your device. After downloading the free app, connect wirelessly to the phone and toss it into the water that uses Bluetooth smart protocol technology and provides reliable connectivity up to 150 feet away.

There are a lot of tricks in this waterbed mapper and have a fish strike alarm for the alert. It also features an LED beacon for night fishing, and the display can tell the water temperature. It is characterized by high and low temperatures, weather reports, humidity, barometer, wind speed, and direction. The Bluetooth smart device comes with a carrying bag and a USB charging stand.


  • Lightweight
  • Patented sonar technology
  • Highly compact and easy to use
  • Both iOS and Android friendly


  • The initial setup is little technical

Specific Features

Patented sonar Fish Finder

The Reelsonar is equipped with a patented sonar identifier technology that can detect the surrounding area and depth of the indoor lying fishes. It can read up to 135 feet of water, making it easier for the fisherman to find the depth of the water and catch the fish fastly.

Compatible with Apple and Android Devices

The iBobber looks at a given area and sends that area to the phone via the free app. It is a reliable application that can quickly detect the received signals. This unit can be used on both Apple devices with iOS and Android operating systems with Bluetooth Smart Sync, and Bluetooth functionality is affected by low battery. On the other hand, it is compatible with Google Watch and iWatch and can be used even at a distance of 100 feet.

Amazingly, the device also allows optional social media sharing features, unlike other brands. So, share the fishing experiences on social media sites, such as Google Plus, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Larger display

The Bluetooth smart device is designed with large and HD quality display so that you can watch the full image on your tablet or smartphone. With the help of the sonar range, this unit supports the brightest screen, and you can find all kinds of fish, such as pike, trout, panfish, muskie, and salmon, with the display visible up to 41 meters deep.

Spot Tagging through GPS via Interactive Map

An impressive feature of this Reelsonar is GPS technology, and it enables spot tagging via its GPS and interactive map. With GPS technology, the fisherman can detect the exact location of the underwater fish. It can also record date, time, place, water temperature, type of fish, and the number of species you have seen underwater. This unit has access to color-coding for depth-tagged fish by dimension.

Built-in rechargeable battery

The iBopper is built with a rechargeable battery, and it offers 11 hours of battery life in constant use. In general, the lithium-ion battery delivers high-efficiency power, so the power source of this device is higher. It has an LED indicator light to indicate this unit’s battery level. Nowadays, some devices use Wi-Fi that can quickly discharge your battery, but Reelsonor uses Bluetooth technology, so it saves energy. You can use this fish finder as long as your smartphone power is consumed.

Lunar Calendar App Functions

Aside from the other features mentioned, this feature is incredible, and the iBobber has lunar calendar app functionality and weather features. This function can detect the variability of climate change in a better way. With this, the angler can protect itself from harsh and harmful weather. This calendar allows fishers or anglers to fish in safe weather conditions. It will show heavy rains, strong winds, and atmospheric pressure conditions.

Color Variation

Images viewed through the iBobber app have a variety of color-coding schemes, and these color codes are about the size of a fist. There are also tags in the color-coder and is precisely determines the depth of the fish. These functions are coded within the app, and even beginners can start fishing quickly and efficiently with these features.

Contour mapping

The device also uses the contour mapping feature, which makes the fish finding more efficient. This mapping compares the geographical map to the detected map and informs the user of detected variations. This technique allows the user to quickly map the other one, thereby increasing the efficiency of the fishermen.

Fish Finder Alarm

The incredible feature of this Reelsonar is the Fish Finder Strike Alarm, which works with the help of memory. Whenever the fish finder finds the fish, it warns the anglers with beep sounds. With this, fishers are advised to catch fish with greater accuracy quickly.

Convenience and comfort

This device is compatible with iPhones and Android devices. But, they only apply to updated versions of Android mobiles. This application is free and can be easily downloaded from stores. This app should be activated whenever fishers start fishing.


The design of the iBobber device is unique and can be used in many different places. It is a pocket fitting device that can even be placed in pockets for portability. Besides, the device is designed to be water-resistant and lightweight. Because it is lightweight, and these devices can be used in various outdoor areas and even in oceans. You have the option to use two Snap Swivel connections, and it can act as a remote. So it can be used for fish tagged views.

Superb Scanning Capabilities

It has maximum scanning capabilities and can be operated with 118 kHz transducer. It can scan the maximum water depth up to 135 feet and able to connect 100 feet away from your mobile. The Reelsonar uses a 42-degree sonar angle, and it can produce a range of 243 feet. iBobber also detects underwater structures, maps the bottom of the water, and this device ensures accurate and excellent results.

Portable Size and Affordable

The Reel Sonar Fish Finder is very small so that it will fit in your bags, pouches, and pockets. Also, it looks like a freshwater iBobber, and it is 2.3 inches in diameter. The unit is affordable, and you can use a tablet or mobile phone with the screen. You can save your money as there is no need to buy additional display or control from the manufacturer.

How to use an iBobber?

You can use this fish finder at any place widely, and This device is operated with the help of a Bluetooth and iBobber app. Even beginners can use this equipment with excellent performance and high accuracy. This device is used widely in angling, where the iBobber device is connected to the string on the device. After placing the device, set up the device in water for angling. Check for the connectivity on your mobile phone. The device Bluetooth will get connected to itself on the mobile phone.

Now, the various regions underneath the water will be recorded by the device, and it will be transmitted to the angler. The angler can determine the depth of the fish and the type of fish with the transmitted signals. After this, the anglers start angling in a particular region, and he can catch the kind of variety of fishes, and he deserves fishing.

Final Thoughts

Reel Sonar Fish Finder is one of the innovative technologies in fishing. It is a high-quality device at a reasonable price. It has all the functionalities and components of the top fish finder. It also has cool features, such as a fish alarm, GPS technology, lunar calendar App functions, and contour mapping make this an attractive buy.

Finally, Reel Sonar is one of the perfect solutions to improve your fishing experience at any time.

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