Lowrance Elite 4 HDI Review

It is one of the leading companies in manufacturing the fish finding devices. Lowrance Elite 4 HDI is the latest release of the company. It is a good choice for the fishermen as it consists of many unique features, which help in operating the device in a better way.

It is the best choice for the small boats and kayaks. Here, we are sharing the features, operations, etc., of the product along with the pros and cons.

Lowrance Elite 4 HDI Review

As the device consists of many special features and is built with the latest technology, it helps in finding the specific areas where the fishes are swimming. It detects the objects correctly. Further, the user can notice the target objects on the large screen and start their job to catch the prey.

The product can detect the accurate species of the fish. Thus, the user can collect the fishes depending on their needs.

Special Features

The following are the special features of the product.

Hybrid Down Imaging-This technology uses traditional broadband sonar and Down scan sonar, through which the user can get a detailed view of the image. With a single transducer, it can get two different sonar returns.

Down Scan Overlay-It gives the benefits of both the down scan and traditional sonar. The working of the device is done by overlaying the downs and imaging with the broadband sounder. It performs well by giving a clear vision of the image. Thus, one can separate the surroundings like the tree, rock, etc., from the target fish. The down scan is used to give a clear image of the structure of fish and the traditional sonar plays a significant role in finding the specific species of the fish.


Frequency-Depending on the condition of fishing, you can adjust the frequency. While fishing in the freshwater, you may select 83/200 KHz. Considering the salt water, you can select 50/200 kHz. These are the regular transducer frequencies. Down scan provides the frequencies of 455 and 800 kHz.

Display-It offers a 4.3-inch screen, which displays the clear view of the image. Besides, it consists of a LED backlight, which helps to provide a great illumination in the case of low light conditions. By adjusting the brightness of the backlight, the user can save the power of the battery so that one can work with it for more periods of time.

Split Screen-The user can view the image on the split screen, which displays the three window screens at a single time. Seeing the three screens simultaneously, one can compare the readings and can have a good understanding of what is happening below the boat.

Built-In GPS-It integrates the features of the fish finder and a powerful GPS receiver. The GPS antenna will store the base map consisting of various lakes and coastal regions. If you want, you can exalt more charting power.  As the receiver of the GPS is very accurate, the user can have an exact navigation. It supports high-definition mapping.

Adjust Signal Processing-With the help of the adjust signal processing, the user do not have to manually adjust the settings, to view the structure, image, and bottom surface of the water clearly.

Page Selector Menu-The user can easily access the various features of the device through the menus with one thumb operation. Thus, one can adjust the settings with ease of operation.

Track Back Feature-With the help of the trackback feature, the user can save the history of the sonar and can view the previous history hotspots.  So, the user can view those spots later.

How To Use The Device?

The device has to be placed at a special place on the boat and the user should adjust the settings on it. By using the menu buttons, one can easily set the device. It also consists of direction buttons. Further, the device can navigate depending on pressing the button.


The device has a large sized screen but, it weighs light. So, one can transport the device from place to place without any difficulty and place it on the boat.

The micro SD is used to save the images of the objects. So, you can view it after long time gap and have good memories on viewing the images.

The operation of the fish finding device is very simple. So, even the beginners can learn fast about the operation.

By using this fish finding device, the fisherman can collect a large number of fishes without applying any extra effort. At the same time, it helps in saving the time of the user. So, it is used to save the money and helps in earning a good amount of profit.

As it is made of the waterproof materials, no problem occurs even when the water touches the device. Also, it won’t get damaged soon.


It includes a power cable, sun cover, insight pro map card.

Lowrance Elite 4 HDI

Lowrance Elite 4 HDI Review

Key Features: Built-In GPS antenna, Page Selector Menu, down scan overlay.

Pros: Gives a clear image, saves time, gives high-definition mapping.


While using the device in the shallow waters, the screen does not display the clear image. Sometimes, it produces a blurred image.

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