Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP Review

Using  a CHIRP sonar is popular these days. In that regard, the brand Lowrance has come up with an idea of using CHIRP sonar along with the ordinary sonar and the down scan image technology. Here, in the Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP Review, we have clearly described the features of the product in detail to help you know if they are worth purchasing.

Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP Review 

It is a device, which is used to detect the areas of the target objects in the underwater. As the device is provided with many unique features and has the latest CHIRP sensor technology, this fish finding device is used to detect the objects quicker.

The sonar beam will spread their waves in the underwater, to find out the wandering of the fishes. After noticing the areas of the target objects, the user can easily catch the prey.

Best Features

The following are the best features of the device.

CHIRP Sonar Technology- With this technology, it offers the greater sensitivity, maximum target resolution, and ease of catching the target objects in the underground water.

Down Scan Imaging Technology-With the help of the technology, you can view the objects in the bottom portions of the water.

Track Back-As this fish finding device is provided with the trackback feature, it helps to rewind the sonar history, fish targets, and waypoints.

Page Selector Menu-With one-thumb impression, the user can switch over to the different menus to change the settings.

Frequency- With the down scan imaging, it provides 455/800 kHz frequency and considering the narrow band, it offers 83/200 KHZ of frequency.


Display-It consists of a 5-inch display screen, which gives a clear image of the object. The FT screen gives the resolution of 480*480 pixels.

High CHIRP Frequency Selection-It can be used both in the freshwater, as well as, in the coastal areas. This frequency selection is used to find out the small objects in the underground water. You can detect the target objects from the bottom portions or areas nearer to it. Also, it helps to separate the species of the fishes.

Medium CHIRP Frequency Selection-It covers the large areas and you can capture a huge amount of fishes. But, the drawback is that it can’t enter into the greater depths.

Low CHIRP Frequency Selection-The low CHIRP frequency selection can penetrate into the deep portions of the water and help in detecting the target fishes. It has the capacity to cover the whole surface of the water.

GPS Antenna-It has a built-in GPS antenna to give a detailed information about the background map. Further, it offers the messages about the navigation.

Track Back Feature-With the help of the trackback feature, the user can save the history of the sonar and can view the previous history hotspots.

New Page  Selector-By using the new page selector menu, the user can quickly access the features in a one-thumb impression.

Power-It is operated on 4000 watts peak to peak and 500 watts RMS.

Warning Alarm-Based on the settings on the device, the alarm will alert you. In the conditions of custom lower and upper limits of the temperature, it will give you the alert signal, which is based on the adjustments that had done by the user.

How To Use The Device?

You can place the device on the boat and the user can adjust the settings with the help of the menus. One can switch over to the different menus, to get a clear view of the image. You have to set the direction of where to identify the fishes. After the adjustments have been done, the fish finding device automatically displays the areas where the fishes lie.


It is available at an affordable price range. The major advantage is that it keeps the history of the waypoints and can be revisited after a long gap.

This fish finding device offers a better target resolution, greater sensitivity, and superior noise rejection. So, the screen provides a better view of the image and help in differentiating the bait fish from the game fish.

Even at greater depths, it plays an effective role in detecting the target objects. Further, when the boat travels at a great speed, it can clearly give the view of the target objects.

The multiple sonar frequencies help to catch a number of fishes than the single sonar frequency. By using the single transducer, one can access the various CHIRP ranges and on one display, it can provide the multiple sonar settings. Also, the battery can keep the information for more than 10 years of time.


It includes a Elite5-CHIRP combo plotter, fish finder, transom mount transducer, mounting bracket, installation hardware, owner’s manual.

Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP

Key Features: Page selector menu, trackback, portable, CHIRP Sonar.

Pros: Offers the bright and clear image, distinguish the bait from game fish.


The fish finding device consists of a small screen, which seems to be difficult for the elder persons, to view the image.

Do you own this device? If yes, share with us about the troubleshooting guides that you followed while using it.

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