Lowrance Elite 5 DSI Review

This Lowrance fish finder model performs well in detecting the target areas of the fishes. As it is equipped with various technologies, it plays a good role in providing a clear image to the users.  Usually, a number of fishes are available in great depths and this product is suitable to be used for greater depths.

It occupies a special place in the market and it is a great choice for the fisherman to identify the areas, where the fishes are swimming. By reading the below information, the user can get an information about the structure, workings, operation, advantages, and the disadvantages of the product.

Lowrance Elite 5 DSI Review

It is used to detect the target objects. It plays an important role in capturing the image and displaying it on the screen. With the help of the sonar beam, it can spread its waves and reach the target areas to catch the object. As it is provided with many features and latest technologies, they are helpful in hunting the prey.

Specific Features

It uses the torpedo shaped transducer, which helps in providing the high speed and frequency. Due to this, one can locate the target areas easily. It is operated by 500 watts and displays the images, to view the bottom surface and structure of the fish.

Down Scan Imaging-The user can view the bottom portions, structure of the image with the down scan imaging feature. Also, the underground portions of the water can be viewed clearly.

LED Backlight-The adjustable fluorescent cold-cathode backlight illuminates the low light areas. As the fish fishing device has a built-in LED backlight, the fisherman can use the device even in the night time. You can lower the brightness of the backlight, to save the power of the battery and use the device for long hours.

Frequency-The sonar offers the dual frequency of 455 and 800 kHz. As it is a high-frequency device, it works well in the shallow waters. It gives the accurate readings even when the boat moves in 40mph. Further, the sonar can reach a depth of about 250 feet.


Track Back Feature-With the help of the trackback feature, the user can save the history of the sonar and view the previous history hotspots.

Temperature Sensor-The fish can be detected with the help of the temperature of the water as it is provided with the temperature display. It continuously updates the temperature of the water.

GPS Antenna-The GPS antenna is used to navigate the areas. It gives the accurate measurements and includes the base map of the coastal areas, lakes, and island waters.

Display-It consists of a 5 inch LCD screen and gives a 480*480 pixel resolution that is clear, bright, and sharp. The detailed images help to find out the specific type of fish within that area. Also, the TFT display outputs the image in bright color and provides a good resolution of the image.

Micro SD card-The micro SD card is used to save the various screenshots, which can be retrieved after a few days.

Built-In Memory-As it has a built-in memory, it saves the waypoints, points per trail, routes, and plot trails. So, the previous hotspots can be identified.

Power-The fish finding device is operated on 4000w peak to peak and 500W RMS power.


As the fish finding device consists of many menus, it can be used to access the settings clearly. The user can switch over to the different menus very often.

The adjustable screen and the backlight help to enhance the vision during the night time. So, the fisherman can hunt the fishes even at the night time. It gives a maximum visibility in all light conditions. It is considered to be a great advantage of the product.

The main thing to consider about the product is that the lithium battery can store the data for up to 10 hours. The device is mounted by the tilt/swivel view adjustment with ease and if necessary, one can remove it easily. The quick release bracket makes the device, easy to install on the boat.

How Should The Device Be Used?

The device has to be installed on the boat and the sonar beam spreads the waves in the water and is used to detect the fish. The user can change the settings by switching it to different menus. On the large screen, the user can view the distance of the target object. Also, the backlight brightness can be adjusted to save the power of the battery.


In deep waters, the sonar does not capture the images. Sometimes, the fish finding device loses its capacity, by lacking the sonar beam, when it goes to great depth in the underground water.

Lowrance Elite 5 DSI

Key features: Trackback, temperature sensor, LED backlight.

Pros: Offers the clear image, costs low.


It includes a quick release bracket, flush mount kit, transducer, power cable, replaceable transducer mount, trolling motor adapter, screen cover, external antenna, trolling motor adapter, and a transducer extension cable.

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