Lowrance Elite 5 HDI Review-What’s So Good?

One of the popular brands of the Lowrance from the Elite series is the Elite 5 HDI. The design of the product is simple but, it is loaded with the unique features, which help to perform well. It can be operated with ease even by the beginners. The sounder screen is perfect to view the structure of the image better.

lowrance elite 5 HDI review

Lowrance Elite 5 HDI Review

Lowrance Elite 5 HDI is a device, which is used to detect the areas where the fishes are swimming. It can be mounted on the boat and is being equipped with the special features to improve the performance of the fish finding device.

Special Features

They come with the following special features.

Down Scan Imaging Technology-It comes as a combination of two technologies in one model. The down scan imaging and broadband sounder can be viewed in one single screen. Basically, the down scan imaging is a technology, which is used to detect the structure and bottom of the target objects. It displays all the objects present in the underground water. Submerged trees, rocks, small reptiles, etc., can be viewed with the help of this technology.

Display-The 5 inch screen displays the clear image of the target object. It is provided with a resolution of 480*480 pixels. The TFT display gives the image with greater color and brightness. The picture can be viewed in a wide angle. Even on exposing to the direct sunlight, one can view the clear image of the target object.

Power-It is operated at the power of 300 watts and has a maximum power of 600 watts.

Frequency- The frequencies, which are provided by the transducer may vary based on the situation of fishing. In the broadband sounder, the user can select 83/200 kHz with a depth of 1000 feet or 50/200 kHz frequency with the depth of 2500 feet. The down scan imaging provides the dual frequency of 455 and 800 kHz, through which you can view below the portions of the boat up to 300 feet.

Track Back Feature-With the help of the trackback feature, the user can save the history of the sonar and can view the previous history hotspots.

LED Backlight-It is fitted with the backlight and is used to increase the illumination in low light conditions.  So, even during the night time, you can use this fish finding device. It helps to save the power of the battery by decreasing the brightness level of the backlight. Thus, the product can be used for long periods.

GPS Antenna-It has a built-in GPS antenna for giving detailed information about the background map and it offers the messages about the navigation.

New Page  Selector-By using the new page selector menu, the user can quickly access the features in a one-thumb impression.

Temperature Sensor-The fish can be detected with the help of the temperature of the water as it is provided with the temperature display. It continuously updates the temperature of the water. You can zoom the prey with the help of zoom option feature. While traveling on the boat, the waypoints are being marked and help to view the track.

Memory SD Card-The user can save the previous shots of the images and can retrieve it later to be viewed  by the users or to share it with their friends .

Built-in Memory-It consists of a built-in memory, which saves up to 1000 waypoints. You can also view the previous hotspots.

How To Use The Device?

The operation of the device can be done by the various menus. By using the menus, you can switch over to the different features easily. On the multi-window display, you can choose the pre-set page layouts. The user can view the measurements in all the three panels at the same time.Further, the sonar setting adjustments can be done by the advanced signal processing feature.

Installing The Device

First of all, select the suitable place for the device, on the boat. To keep the transducer, place and hold the mounting template. Mark the positions and make holes on the transom with the help of a drilling machine. Place the transducer together and add it to the mounting bracket. For more stability, add some of the silicon sealants on the holes. Just screw and adjust the position of the transducer. Place the cable on the either side of the channel, to run the transducer to the control head.


The device can be assembled very easily. The high-quality LCD screen displays a clear image of the target object. It can be used either in daytime or during the night time and gives the clear image even when exposed to the direct sunlight. As it is made of the waterproof materials, no problem occurs while dropping the fish finding device into the water.

Lowrance Elite 5 HDI

Key features: Down Scan Imaging Technology, LCD display screen,

Pros: Provides clear image, easy to use and install.

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