Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Review-A Hybrid Fishfinder

Most of the fishermen and other fish finders struggle hard in finding the exact location of the group of fishes. To overcome this situation, the Lowrance Elite 7 HDI fishfinder is used. This fish finder comes with a seven inches brighter LCD screen, with a LED backlit display so as to help the fishermen catch the fishes both in the day and the night time.

Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Review

The Lowrance Elite 7 HDI fish finder works based on the 3D imaging sonar unit, which is implemented with the GPS antenna receiver for mapping the routes and the exact location of a group of fishes in the deep sea.

The Hybrid Dual Imaging

 The Lowrance Elite 7 fish finder unit consists of the Hybrid Dual Imaging technology, which provides the power of displaying the two imaging structure into one with the differentiation of fishes and other materials under the deep sea.

The Transducer

This fish finder unit is designed with the traditional type of transducer, which makes the installation purpose more convenient on any setup. With the use of this fish finder device, the user can easily view the bottom of the deep sea in a clear mode.

Down Imaging

This Lowrance Elite 7 HDI fish finder unit consists of the down imaging technology to view the information such as the border lines, structure of the sea, bait fish, worst weather forecasting, predator fish, and other types of natural disorders. The down imaging broadband sonar unit is mated with the high-resolution down scanning sonar unit, to figure out the location of the fishes in a crystal clear manner.

Temperate sensor and Track Back feature

The transducer is inbuilt with the temperature sensor to sense the fish in and around the boat. The main work of the track back feature is to allow the sonar unit to rewind the history of the reading based on the user’s needs.


This fish finder unit is designed with multiple types of charting options such as the base map and chart plotting. The base map provides information about the navigation whereas, the chart plotting provides more information about the routes, way points, and fish targets. It is inbuilt with GPS antenna receiver and Mapping unit for accurate measuring of fish targeting.

The Display

This color display of the unit uses the exclusive type of HDI technology to quickly access the different features by means of single thumb operation. The multi-window display allows the user to choose three different panels in the form of split-screen and

NMEA 2000

It is inbuilt with the NMEA 2000 networking to share the data for communicating. This NMEA 2000 technology is useful to separate the GPS unit based on the way points available in the particular locations and it also provides the user with the option to share and mark all type of new way points and chart plots over the deep sea.

CHIRP Technology And Storage

The touch screen Lowrance Elite fish finder device provides the fast response for the fishermen with the use of the CHIRP technology. This wireless connectivity fish finding device is upgraded with the SD card slot and fast releasing bracket for the convenient usage.

Power And Frequency

The Lowrance Elite 7 HDI fish finder unit operates at maximum output power of 500W. It usually operates at the high frequency ranging up to 800 KHz such that it is displayed over Solar MAX TFT color LCD screen display unit.


Highly inbuilt with the LED back lighting option, it flashes out lighting during emergency cases. It is highly implemented with the Transom mountable type of transducer with the trolling motor to operate the unit with high speed fish targeting.


Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Fish Finder

Key Features – LCD color display unit, LED backlighting, down scan imaging.

Pros –big screen, fish targeting, light weight, easy mounting.

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