Lowrance HDS 7 Gen2 Review

If you are looking for a fish finding device, you should consider this product. Lowrance HDS7 gen 2 is considered as one of the premier products in the Lowrance brand. It is provided with certain unique features. The performance of the product depends on the materials they are being made of. It is made of the best quality materials. So, this fish finding device has a long life span. Here,we are sharing the important features, merits, demerits, design, etc, of the product in the Lowrance HDS 7 Gen2 Review. If you like this device, you can purchase it soon without any delay.

The device plays a major role in finding the target areas. It uses many of the technologies, to detect the objects soon. The transducer sends the frequencies and helps to find out the objects in the underground water. It captures the image and displays it on the screen. Thus, the user can identify the target areas and start the job of catching the prey.

Special Features

The following are the special features of this device.

New User Interface-With the help of the user interface feature, the user can access fast the features, which are present on the device. The people can set the markings in it, preview the panels, quick touch slider bars, which are having the unparallel controlled conditions in all weather and all types of water conditions.

Sonar Imaging-On using the sonar imaging, the user can enjoy the structure and picture of the fish, which is present on the under surface of the water, below the boat. With the help of the down scan overlay feature, it overlays the bottom imaginary on top of your boats.

Broadband Sounder-It displays the structure of the game fish, bait fish, and other species of fishes. Even at the higher speed of the boat, the user can view the clear image of the target objects.

Capacity-This kind of fish finding device can reach the water at a depth of 3000 feet.


Structure Map-The user can use the recorded structure scan, to create the superior quality images of lakes, rivers and in the seafloor. It can be used as an overlay, toggled on or off to provide the situational awareness in the charts.

Display-It consists of a 4-inch screen, which displays the clear view of the image. The device is provided with the wonderful color palate, which helps in giving the image in a bright color. With the help of the LED backlight, the user can view the best quality image even in the low light conditions. The user should adjust the brightness of the backlight, to save the power of the battery. Thus, the device can be used by the user for more hours.

Frequency-In this fish finding device, the user can select any one from the three frequencies such as 50/83/200 KHZ.

Track Back-Track back feature is used to save the history of the structure of the images, target areas of the fishes and the waypoints. So that the person can reach the hotspots later.

GPS Antenna-It provides more accurate trails; the smooth chart provides great accuracy. It has the built-in compass in the antenna. The GPS antenna is used to give the information about the navigation and provides the high-definition mapping. The special thing to consider about the GPS antenna is that it can store the coastal areas, inland water areas, lakes, rivers, etc. It gives 5000 waypoints, 200 routes, 10 trails, and up to 9999 points.

Structure Scan Technology-This technology is the combination of both side scan and down scan imaging technology. The side scan technology will give the clear portions of the image on the left and in the right portions of the boat. The user can view the happenings below the boat.

Waterproof-As this device is meant to be a waterproofed one, the device won’t produce any problem even when the water had touched it. As the product is made of the waterproof materials, it is considered as a durable product.

Power-It is operated on 30,000watts, peak to peak, and 3750 watts rms.

Solar Max Plus-This feature is used to view the images in the direct sunlight. It enhances the images while viewing at wide-angle.

How To Use The Product?

Usually, the operation of the fish finding device seems to be the easiest job; one can operate it with ease. The user should adjust the settings to view the image better. You can easily switch over the different features with the help of the menus.


It consists of a power cable, transducer, mounting bracket, plug caps, and sun cover.


On using this fish finding device, the user can locate the fish clearly. The navigation information is provided by the structure map.  One can view the target objects clearly on the display screen. The user can view the clear objects in all light conditions.

The device can reach great depths, covering the wide area, which is very useful in collecting more fishes.

The special thing to consider about the product is that the battery can hold the data for about 10 years. So, you can retrieve the images and share it with your friends.

Lowrance HDS 7 Gen2

Key features: Solar max plus, built-in GPS antenna, new user interface.

Pros: reach the wider areas, save the hot spots, durable, easy to use.


Basically, it consists of many menus, in which it contains sub-menus and options, which would cause confusion to the user. This device is not suitable for the beginners as it may be in technical nature.

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