Lowrance HDS 9 Gen2 Touch Review

The Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 Touch review, deals with a high-definition fish finder that can view the resources beneath the water with high resolution. This fish finder is made up of high-quality materials and it can be used in any climatic conditions.

The performance of the fish finder is high and it can be used by any person at any place for various purposes. It can be used for various styles and types of fishing. Even the ocean fishers can use this device with high quality.

Lowrance HDS 9 Gen2 Touch Review

The Lowrance brand products are designed with high quality and innovative features. An important innovative technology used with the Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 Touch fish finder is the touch screen facility. Added to that, the gen 2 fish finding technology is added to this device, to increase the performance of the device.


The Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 Touchscreen fish finder has many innovative and additional features. The important features of this device are listed below.

Touchscreen-The Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 fish finder has the touch screen facility with it. This facility saves the time and ensures easy use of the device. All the operations of the device are inbuilt within the touch screen, even all the switches and controls in the device can be accessed with the help of the touch screen in the device. All the HDS features of the device can be accessed easily with the help of the touch careens.

Sonar Imaging-This device is equipped with the high-quality sonar imaging technique. The sonar imaging technology used in this device. It offers 180-degree view below the boat and HD bottom imagery on the top of the charts with various innovative structures and functions. This sonar imaging technology is inbuilt within the transducers so that it can transmit the captured images easily to the other devices.

Broadband Sounder-This device has a built-in broadband sounder that can be operated with a wide range of technologies and functions. The broadband signals offer a high coverage range and the angler can hear the sound from the internal region of the water with high clarity. With this, the angler would identify the type of the fish beneath the water. Further, the depth coverage of these signals ranges between 1-3000 feet. There are few fishes that travel at higher speed beneath the water and only these fishes can be identified by the anglers.

Map-This device is also equipped with the map feature and this map is used for recording the regions; you have visited earlier. The map captures various stunning underwater images of lakes, rivers, and seashores. The structure map is also used for getting the minute details of the region visited. It also gives awareness to the anglers about the defects within the village.


GPS Technology-This device also has the inbuilt GPS technology and this technology is equipped with the help of a high-quality antenna with it. This antenna is effective and it positions the location of the boat at continuous intervals of time. With this GPS system, the regions surveyed can be easily marked by the user. This GPS system is highly sensitive and the frequency of the antenna is about 5 KHz. The GPS system also supports WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS connections for greater performance and functionality.

Mapping Functions-This device offers various built-in chart and mapping options. This chart and map function is compatible with the cartography. The cartography is also effective and it can be used for determining better results to the users. All these mapping and charting functions are used by the angler to keep high aware and away from obstacles. Added to that, the charting and mapping functions can also increase the level of fishing within the anglers.

Multiple Views –Another important feature of this device is the multiple view option that permits the anglers for viewing the image in both 2D and 3D view. There are independent controls for the two display view models and the anglers can obtain various information and uses from these charts. Both the 2D and 3D view of the device is of high quality and clarity by which, the performance of the angler increases.

Display-As mentioned above, the display is an HD display that can be used for treating the objects and things with various advancements and uses. The screen of the touch screen display is large and it also has zooming features with it. LED display with multiple colors is used in this device and so, the image clarity is high in these devices.

How To Use?

The usage of this device is very simple and this device can be used by interfacing both the transmitter and receiver parts of the device. The transmitter captures the images beneath the water and transmits them to the receiver with a wireless technology.

The receiver receives the signals and displays them on the screen. This is done as a live action and various features and controls can be varied with the help of the menu option in the screen. All the information is displayed as a live action and so, the angler can catch the fishes with high performance and durability.


The accessories used within the devices are SD cards, mount, battery etc. The SD cards are inserted into the storage slots for cartography and for storing the captured images. Further, the mount is used for fixing the device in a preferred location. This is a portable device and can be used in all types of angling boats. Added to this, the batteries used in this device are rechargeable and powerful. These batteries should have a long battery life and should be durable too.

Lowrance HDS 9 Gen2 Touchscreen Fish Finder

Key features: Touchscreen, HD display, and GPS.

Pros: high-quality, innovative technology and suitable for various climatic conditions.


This is a high-tech device and it has various advantages. The important cons of this product are the usage. The anglers need training for using this device with high performance. They should practice how to use this device, before taking it for angling.

Final Words

The Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 Touchscreen fish finder is the advanced model of all the fish finders in the market. This device is user-friendly and it ensures high performance of fishing to the angler and also to the user. The images are displayed with high quality and this device can be used for any types and style of fishing.

Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any queries with Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 Touchscreen fish finder, comment it in the box given below.


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