Lowrance Mark-4 Fishfinder/Chartplotter Review

The Lowrance Mark-4 fishfinder is a dual functional fishfinder and has many advantages. This fishfinder detects the fishes easily and it also has many improved technologies for various other functional features. This device is affordable and it can be used by even the beginners.

lowrance mark-4 fishfinder/chartplotter review

With the implementation of modern technologies, this device maintains its reputation in the market. This device is generally used for various types of fishing such as ocean fishing, kayaking, freshwater fishing, etc.

Lowrance Mark-4 Fishfinder/Chartplotter Review

This device is designed in a simple way with low cost. It has sonar technology for communication.  The fishfinder comes along with a high-quality display unit, which is used for viewing the regions under the water.

Various additional and special features are also equipped with this device to make it powerful. Further, this fishfinder is built with a GPS system to display the level and amount of tracking the devices. This device is also compact and durable so that it can be used for a long time.

What Are The Key Features?

The Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder is a high-quality fishfinder that can be operated with high performance. The important reason for the high performance of the device is the features. Some of the features of Lowrance Mark 4 are listed below.

LED Backlighting-The Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder has a brighter LED backlighting with it. This is an important feature and this is responsible for viewing the images with high clarity. The backlight LED displays, bright crystal clear images with higher resolution. With this technology, even the minute details of the signals are viewed clearly in the display.

Trackback-The trackback feature is a modern technology used within this device. This is done with the implementation of GPS technology within the device. With this feature, minute variations within the devices can be recorded and displayed easily within the device. Hence, the anglers can adjust the switch position to maintain the function of the device.


Transducer-The transducer used within this device is also effective and it is responsible for the transmission and reception of the signals. The Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder has both transmitter and the receiver: the transmitter is placed in the bottom region of the boat and it is mounted for determining things with higher accuracy.

The receiver is also mounted within the boat and it is placed near the anglers so that he can perform fishing easily. The function of the receiver transducer is to demodulate the modulated signal and displays these signals effectively.

Display-The display of this device is very effective and it can be used for determining various functions and operations of the system easily. The displays screen is designed in a black and white color and so, the images in these screens are viewed as gray scale images.

The display is made up of LED lights that protect the eye and the screen. The height of the display is about 5-inches and the resolution of the display is 320×240 pixels. Hence, the images displayed in these screens are of high clarity and capacity.

Controls-This device is equipped with various control features and these control features are used for improving various important features of the device. The menu option is very easy to operate and there is a switch provided with this device for the menu option. Further, the devices have controls for zooming, noise reduction, etc. The device also has a power off and on control on the receiver side of the device.

Detailed Mapping-This device displays two maps and these two maps are effective and they can be used for detailed mapping. One map is a normal map that views details about the things under the water and the other map completely deals on various important minute details of the device. With this detailed mapping, the user can determine the fishing region with higher clarity.

Chart Plotting-Another special feature of this device is the chart plotting. This feature is also coupled with the GPS system of the device. Generally, the Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder is preloaded with Navionics gold cartography. This is compatible with Navionics premium and fishing hotspot pro. This device determines various regions of fishing and marks the spot.

This chart marking is stored in the micro SD devices, which is installed along with the device so that the angler can go to the same spot, a number of times, for fishing. The GPS system used in this device is very accurate and it can mark any spot with the higher efficiency in the chart.

How To Use It?

Using the Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder is very easy. This device can be installed easily in any boats with the help of the mounts. This device offers a 2D or 3D display to the devices and with this display, the angler can view the region with higher capability.

The transmitter is connected to the bottom and it captures images from under the water with higher efficiency. The captured images are received by the receiver and it can be viewed by the angler for easy fishing. It also has a zooming phenomenon by which the exact place can be monitored by the device.


This fish finder is equipped with various accessories such as the mount, power supply cable, and various products for external navigation. All these accessories and the products are useful and hence, it can be used easily by the anglers.

Lowrance Mark 4 Fishfinder And Chart Plotter

Key features: Chart plotting, LED backlighting and durable transducer.

Pros: high quality, detailed mapping and easy to use.


This is an advantageous product with very few disadvantages. The disadvantage of this product is the black and white screen. This screen details all the information only in the black and white color and so many information and minute details cannot be recognized easily by the users.

Final Words

The Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder is a useful fish finder with many advantage and innovative technology. The GPS system used within this device is very useful and so, the device can be used for locating the current region of fishing. Further, the display of the device is very accurate and the fishing can be done with high efficiency and performance.

These are the various features and uses of Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder. So, try this innovative fishfinder and share your views in the box given below.


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