Vexilar Sonar Phone Review- Does It Perform Well?

If you are searching for a reputable fish finder to provide the fish arches and precise underwater images, then Vexilar Sonar Phone Fish Finder is a suitable option.

This Vexilar Sonar fish finder is suitable for different kinds of fishing, such as kayak fishing, lake fishing, and offshore fishing. The small, sturdy design, secure connection with the app, ice fishing capability, and several features make Vexilar as a fantastic fish finder. If fishing is your desire, then you can try this advanced and latest technology fish finder.


Vexilar sonar phone Fish Finder is a high-quality fish finder that can be used to find the underlying fishes. This fish finder does not have a display, so smartphones are working as a display unit for the sonar phones. The sonar phones are communicated with smartphones with the help of an app. The Vexilar sonar has a high-sensitivity sensor that monitors the living organisms under the water. The anglers mostly use these types of sonar phones because it performs very efficiently.

The Vexilar is an ultra-portable Wi-Fi transmitter system that contains a self-contained battery and able to be pulled behind your boat or throw from shore. You don’t need any cell phone coverage to access it because it can work anywhere with creating its Wi-Fi, and also, you can share the signal with others.

It features a multi-color display that is easy to use menu options, and you can easily download the sonar app. It includes 17 language options, such as Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Greek, English, German, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Czech, and French.


  • Android and iOS friendly
  • Compact design
  • Powerful sonar transducer
  • Easy to use and setup


  • Takes little time to learn the app

Special features

As mentioned above, the Vexilar Sonar Phone is a useful device with many important features. The essential features of the device are listed below.

Smart Finder

This Smart Fish Finder comes with 100sp Wi-Fi connectivity, which means you can use Wi-Fi to connect for your Android or iPhone. If the finder is submerged into water, then it will be activated and start with the phone connection within a few minutes. The transducer is connected to the wireless transducer box, and the 12 volt USB connector operates on it.

It also received underwater cameras, so it tracks all the objects under the water. Also, the wireless transducer box can locate data on your mobile phone via Wi-Fi, and also you can map the transducer finding.

All about the screen

You can view all the details on your mobile phone, and you have the option to select the black or white display type. They show accurate and sharp images, and if you have a small display, you can use LCD screen protectors to give you an unobstructed view.

High sensitivity Sonar technology

Vexilar has an inbuilt high-sensitivity sonar technology, which means this device can be connected to a smartphone, using sonar technology. The interface does not require any cell phone coverage signal, and the sonar phone transmits its own signals for interfacing the device with higher ability and capability.

Highly compatible

This device is operated with the smartphones with the help of an app. The universal app used for interfacing is the sonar phone mobile app, which is compatible with all versions of android except 1.0. Hence, this device is compatible with all current smartphones of Android 2.0 and above.

The updated software is also available for iOS systems, so this device is also compatible with Apple iPhones. There are various free apps available for Android devices in the Google Play Store.


The Vexilar Sonar phone is built with various indicators that can be used to alert the user in many situations. Two types of indicators used by this device are the depth indicator and the water temperature indicator. The depth indicator is used to throw the angling hook at the correct depth, and the temperature indicator is used to detect the variation of temperature.

Water-activated transducer

A transducer is the primary element of a fish finder, and it helps to display the images beneath your boat. The beam is a recognizable thing that can determine the overall image. A single beam operates with a 30-degree wide-angle beam, and the transducer is activated with a frequency of 125 kHz.

Automatic Ranging

This device is equipped with an automatic ranging feature that can quickly turn on its customizable settings. This ranging technique is beneficial that shows high efficiency and performance of the angling increase. Added to this, determining the capability of the fishes under the water also increases to a greater extent.

WI-FI transmitters

The Vexilar Fish Finder is connected to a WI-FI transmitter and is responsible for transmitting the signals to a greater extent. The WI-FI transmitters and receivers are capable of providing fast transmission and reception of signals.

Wide coverage area

The coverage area of ​​the WI-FI signal is over 90 yards and may vary depending on the battery and weather conditions. Also, the coverage range of the sensors is about 120 feet deep in the water. Therefore, fish within 120 feet can be easily identified and displayed on the screen.

Audible fish alarms

It is built with three audible fish alarms, such as a fish alarm, a low battery alarm, and a shallow alarm. This alarm will alert you when a fish comes closer to the boat.

Sonar Phone Mobile App

It is an important application that is commonly used to interface the device with mobile phones for high performance. This application is very useful as it shows the region with high accuracy. This application can create charts as you move the water. This chart is referred to as the sonar chart, and this chart is made up of more details and maps with water beds.

The mobile phone display is also useful on this device and can be used to automatically change the transducer’s settings with the change of weather and climate conditions. This application provides a multi-functional display with multiple color codes and functions. Also, this application is available in 17 languages, ​​and one can choose their language according to their preference.

How To Use?

The Vexilar Sonar Phone is a compact device and it floats under the water. This device is easy to use and tie the device on the string of the angle wire and throw the string into the water. It is useful to view the transmitted signal of the device. With this application, the fishes and their distances can be calculated. Then, by releasing the hook into the deep water, it can do fishing easily with high efficiency.

The performance of the entire system is high and even beginners can use this device with higher efficiency and performance.

Final words

The Vexilar Sonar Fish Finder is an excellent device that can be used in various types of fishing. The ice fishing capability, compact design, ease of use with a free app, and many other features make Vexilar an excellent sonar fish finder.

This device can be connected to mobile phones, and monitors can be displayed within mobile phones. This device provides high performance, so any angler and beginner can use this device with high performance and efficiency.

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